Embassy in the News

Title Post date
Afghan ambassador outlines insider attack prevention efforts Aug 6 2014 12:00am
H.E. Ambassador Hakimi participates in Aspen Security Forum panel discussion Jul 25 2014 12:00am
Ambassador Hakimi's Interview with VOA on the Afghan Runoff Election Jun 19 2014 1:05pm
Interview: Afghan Envoy Envisions Relationship Of Trust With Washington Dec 12 2013 3:43pm
Ambassador Hakimi speaks with "HearSay with Cathy Lewis" Oct 3 2013 2:15pm
New York Times: Federal Officials Return Looted Artifacts to Afghanistan Ambassador Sep 10 2013 4:28pm
Fox News: Rare Afghan artifacts and vase returned in Washington ceremony Sep 10 2013 4:24pm
Ambassador Hakimi speaks about stolen Afghan antiquities repatriated to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (DARI) Sep 9 2013 4:12pm
Ambassador Eklil Hakimi's piece in Foreign Policy Magazine - May/June Issue Apr 30 2013 2:19pm
United States Institute of Peace: Afghan Rural Minister Appeals for U.S. Support of Successful Program Mar 5 2013 11:28am
Afghan ambassador Eklil Hakimi: The way forward into the Transformation Decade Jan 18 2013 1:00am
Ambassador Hakimi discusses President Karzai's official visit to the United States Jan 13 2013 2:33pm
Ambassador Hakimi talks to VOA about the International Women's Economic Summit Jul 31 2012 1:05pm
Ambassador Hakimi's interview with VOA's Ashna TV about the outcomes of the Tokyo Conference Jul 9 2012 12:52pm
Ambassador Hakimi Says NATO Pledge Sends 'Strong Signal' To Region May 22 2012 12:00am
Chicago and beyond: Seeking a stable Afghanistan May 18 2012 12:00am
Ambassador Hakimi's interview with Ashna TV-VOA May 17 2012 12:00am
Enduring Strategic Partnership Agreement Between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the United States of America May 2 2012 10:09am
Afghan Minister of Public Health visits Washington, D.C. Apr 26 2012 12:00am
Ambassador Hakimi Speaks at Event at CSIS Apr 6 2012 10:39am
Ambassador Hakimi's Nawroz Message (Dari) Apr 3 2012 2:26pm
Ambassador Eklil Hakimi joined with CNN to discuss relations between the two countries Mar 18 2012 6:19pm
C-SPAN video: U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan Jul 2 2011 12:00pm
Memorial Day Visit Jun 6 2011 12:00pm
Ambassador Eklil Hakimi 'On the Record' Jun 2 2011 6:06am
Afghan Envoy Cautions U.S. Against Bin Laden-Spurred Withdrawal of Troops May 8 2011 12:00pm
Bin Laden's Death: What Now in Afghanistan? May 6 2011 4:18am
Exclusive: Hakimi sees enduring US commitment to Afghanistan Mar 3 2011 1:00pm