Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Karim Khalili, Second Vice President

Karim Khalili was born in Wardak Province, and completed his secondary studies at a religious school. After the Soviet invasion in 1978, Mr. Khalili was active in the resistance group Nasr. In 1981, Mr. Khalili became the Director of the Central Office of Nasr in Tehran, and was responsible for coordinating relations with a number of countries who were supporting Afghanistan's struggles. Six years later, he became a member of the Islamic Coalition Council of Afghanistan, and later it's speaker. In 1989, when the National Unity Party (Hezb-e-Wahdat) was established, Mr. Khalili served as a member of the Central Council, and for a time, as the Resident Representative and Spokesperson of the Party in Pakistan. He also served as Minister of Finance during the Mujahideen Government.

In 1994, Mr. Khalili was elected leader of the National Unity Party. From that time until 2001, Mr. Khalili continued to rally his people against the Taliban. With the beginning of the interim administration of President Hamid Karzai, Mr. Khalili halted the activities of the National Unity Party and dissolved its military branch in the interests of national unity and peace. He served as vice president of the country under the transitional government. Karim Khalili was sworn in as second vice president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on December 7, 2004.