Cultural Affairs Section

Over thousands of years, Afghanistan has been the home of myriad civilizations and different religions. Its rich historical culture has played a great and important role in the heritage of humankind.

Afghanistan has attracted the attention of historians, archaeologists, and an endless variety of scholarly researchers over many generations. As the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, H.E. Hamid Karzai has explicitly expressed, “the rebuilding of Afghanistan’s cultural institutions is a main priority of the Afghan government and people.”

The Afghan Government protects the freedom of speech and expression under its press law. This is one of the biggest achievements of the Government after the fall of the Taliban regime. Afghanistan’s liberal Press Law is unique in the region, and through media outlets, the Afghan people have become well-informed on issues on a local and global scale.

The Government of Afghanistan, through its Ministry of Information and Culture, supports various government newspapers, radio and TV stations, while the Ministry is also responsible for promoting culture, arts, tourism and youth affairs in Afghanistan.

Strong cultural institutions contribute to the advancement of an open, self-analytical, and democratic society. Therefore, the Cultural Section of the Embassy representing the Ministry of Information and Culture of Afghanistan builds on the long history of cultural relations between Afghanistan and the United States. This extends to many fields including:

  • Information / Media (Radio, TV, Newspaper, News Agency and Printing Press)
  • Culture (Archeology, Museums, Historical Monuments, Archive, Libraries)
  • Fine Arts, Theatre, Music, Film Industry and Gallery exhibitions
  • Tourism and Youth Affairs

The U.S. - Afghan community supports numerous Afghan intellectuals, artists, writers, poets, and filmmakers. Approximately a dozen Afghan-American cultural organizations and foundations currently operate in the United States.

The Cultural Section of the Embassy of Afghanistan organizes and facilitates cultural shows, art and handicraft exhibitions, Afghan musical and theater performances and films screenings. It gives regular advice and works closely with American academic and cultural agencies to better expose the American public to Afghan culture and traditions.

Promoting tourism to Afghanistan is an important part of our mission. The Cultural Section of the Embassy of Afghanistan is a resource for those who wish to travel to Afghanistan for tourism purposes. The Embassy provides assistance in obtaining visas and provides information on visiting historical places, museums and art galleries. Additionally, it will provide information on transportation, accommodation, Afghan cuisine and traditional games such as Buzkashi and kite flying in Afghanistan.

Promoting opportunities for Afghanistan’s youth is essential for the future success of our nation. Currently, Afghanistan’s youth is being educated more than ever before. Afghanistan’s government has been investing in its youth by providing equal opportunities, as they are tomorrow’s leaders.

The Cultural Section of the Embassy believes that an exchange of cultures between the United States and Afghanistan is imperative due to the significance of both nations on the world stage, and that such an exchange facilitates a constructive intercultural dialogue. There are many elements of Afghan culture and heritage that many American’s are not aware of. Raising awareness of Afghanistan’s rich history as a cultural crossroad on the great Silk Road is important if the negative perceptions are to change.

By promoting education on the Culture of Afghanistan, by encouraging American cultural institutions to contribute to the restoration of Afghan cultural heritage, and by investing in the promotion of Afghanistan’s tourism industry, the American people will be able to witness a truly vibrant Afghanistan, one that is inclusive of its rich history and cultural heritage.

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For further information, please contact the Cultural Section of the Embassy:

Mr. Ahmad F. Haidari
Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Afghanistan
Phone: +1 202.483.6410 Ext. 8010