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Fashion Show Returns to Kabul

For the first time in decades, Kabul was the backdrop of a fashion show rivaling the spectacles of Paris and Italy. On July 9th, Italian designer Gabriella Ghidoni and her Afghan partner Zolaykha Sherzad presented original designs ranging from creative, stunning burqas to less conservative options that still use traditional Afghan styles, such as the chapan. Ms. Ghidoni and Ms. Sherzad are not the only designers working from Kabul. Sarah Takesh, an Iranian-American, manages the fashion label Tarsian and Blinkley which provides 300 women with work and combines traditional styles with rich fabrics. Ms. Sherzad has explained that people used to hold small fashion shows in Kabul before the war began in the late 1970s. Thesedays there is a market for fashion in the city, “There is fashion within a private environment, within the houses…People like to be fashionable,” she said.

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