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10/20/2010- Haidari Speaks at the 2010 Clearing the Path Awards Gala

10/18/2010- Central Bank Governor and Deputy Finance Minister of Afghanistan Attend IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings

10/13/2010- Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock Mohammad Asif Rahimi Visits the United States  

10/12/2010- President Hamid Karzai Discusses Afghanistan on Larry King Live

10/10/2010- Former President Rabbani Chosen as Chairman of High Council for Peace

10/04/2010- Long-term US-Afghan Strategic Partnership Document to be Prepared in Three Months

09/30/2010- Ministers of Finance and Mines Visit Washington DC

09/29/2010- Foreign Minister Dr. Zalmai Rassoul and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton Meet

09/29/2010-Foreign Minister Dr. Rassoul Addresses UN Security Council on Afghanistan

09/27/2010-Statement by H.E. Dr. Zalmai Rassoul at  the General Debate of the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

09/23/2010- Chargé d'Affaires Haidari Receives Certificate of Business Appreciation 2010

09/24/2010-Foreign Minister Rassoul Meets with Danish, Norwegian and Croation Counterparts

09/18/2010-Chargé d'Affaires Haidari Discusses Parliamentary Elections on Al Jazeera

09/23/2010-Foreign Minister Dr. Rassoul Discusses Afghanistan with NATO Secretary General

09/23/2010-President Karzai Orders Information Ministry to Take Action for the Release of Detained Afghan Journalists

09/22/2010-Foreign Minister Rassoul Meets UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

09/21/2010-Foreign Minister Rassoul Meets With Montenegrin Counterprat to Establish Afghanistan-Montenegro Diplomatic Relations

09/21/2010-Message by H.E. President Hamid Karzai On the occasion of the International Day of Peace

09/19/2010-Afghanistan: Shared Achievements, Shared Challenges, and the Way Forward

09/18/2010-President Karzai Casts Vote in the Parliamentary Elections

09/17/2010-Acting Minister of Public Health Dr. Suraya Dalil Visits Washington

09/16/2010- Joint Statement between Pakistan and Afghanistan on Strengthening the Partnership

09/14/2010-H.E.Foreign Minister Dr. Zalmai Rassoul in New York for the UN General Assembly

09/09/2010- HAIDARI: Progress amid Violence

09/05/2010- National Hero of Afghanistan Remembered

09/03/2010- US Will not Repeat the Mistake of Turning its Back on Afghanistan

09/9/2010- CNN "The Situation Room" Interview With Said Jawad, Afghan Ambassador To U.S.

08/31/2010-Ambassador Jawad's Farewell Message

08/29/2010-AFGHANISTAN: Struggling to improve education

08/24/2010-$1 Trillion Worth of Minerals Up for Grabs

08/20/2010-Senator John Kerry calls on the President of Afghanistan

08/19/2010-Haidari Speaks at Seminar on Supporting the Civilian Surge in Afghanistan

07/18/2010- Libelous Allegations about the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Washington, DC

07/23/2010- Afghanistan Shows Gratitude To Retiring General Stanley A. McChrystal

07/22/2010- Afghanistan Donor's Conference Report

07/22/2010- Statement by President Karzai at International Kabul Conference

07/22/2010- The Ambassador's Interview on the Women's Broadcast Network

07/20/2010- Intervention at Kabul Conference

07/20/2010- United Nations and Afghan officials unveil programme for Kabul Conference

07/14/2010- National Security Council Endorses Local Police Force Establishment

06/30/2010- Independance Day Letter to President Obama

06/30/2010- Ambassador Jawad Supports Peace Through Business Graduation

06/30/2010- Remarks by H.E  Said T.  Jawad  Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States At the Water Resources Roll-Out Event for United States Geological Survey

06/30/2010- Afghanistan’s Mineral Reserves Far Exceed Original Estimates

06/27/2010- Friends of the American Universty of Afghanistan Honor Former First Lady Laura Bush

06/11/2010- Haidari Speaks to U.S. Department of Defense Advisors on the Principle of “Do No Harm”

06/08/2010- A Statement by President Karzai at CICA Summit, Istanbul

05/28/2010- Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey agree to enhance cooperation to fight terrorism

05/20/2010- Statement of Ambassador Said T. Jawad on the Fallen U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan

05/11/2010- Joint Statement by H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and H.E.Barack Obama, President of the United States of America

04/23/2010- Message from H.E.  Ambassador Said Tayeb JAWAD on the lifetime achievments of Professor Tarzi

03/31/2010- A New Foundation for Afghanistan

03/31/2010- Afghan Women Diplomats Visit to Washington

03/19/2010- Ambassador Jawad joins President Bush to Address Afghanistan’s Literacy and Education

03/18/2010- Educating and Empowering the Women and Girls of Afghanistan: A Symposium on Education and Literacy

03/15/2010- Afghan and US Leaders Urge for Continued Strategic Partnership

03/08/2010- Ambassador Calls for Global Support of Afghanistan’s Women

03/08/2010- “Fragile Accomplishments of Afghan Women”

03/09/2010 - World Bank Supports Afghanistan’s Efforts to Boost Rural Employment Incomes

02/23/2010 - Ambassador Jawad Helps Open New Afghan Exhibit at Library of Congress

02/17/2010 - H.E.Foreign Minister Dr. Rassoul receives US Congressional Delegation

02/10/2010 - H.E. President Karzai Condoles the Death of Ajmal Khattak, the Prominent Politician and Poet

02/07/2010 - Afghan Gemstone Traders Exhibit For The First Time

01/28/2010 - Communiqué of “Afghanistan: The London Conference”

01/28/2010 - Statement of H.E Hamid Karzai  at the London Conference

01/28/2010 - IMF and World Bank Announce US$1.6 Billion in Debt Relief to Afghanistan

01/25/2010 - Joint Statement Adopted at the Summit Held in Istanbol

01/25/2010 - Young Riders Collect School Supplies, More To Help Other Children

01/07/2010 - Applications for 2010 Business Council for Peace Accepted Now


01/04/2009 - Peace through Business Program

12/24/2009 - "The vote showed a step forward for the democracy in Afghanistan"

12/15/2009 - Season's Greetings and Christmas Message

12/15/2009 - Special Holiday Greetings from Ambassador Jawad

12/15/2009 - National Conference on Identifying Best Practices and Combat Corruption"

12/18/2009 - H.E. President Karzai opens Afghan anti-corruption conference

12/08/2009 -  The Embassy Honors Auther and Asian Foundation Partnership

12/04/2009 -  Afghanistan: Where Do We Go From Here?

12/02/2009 -  Afghanistan Welcomes the New U.S. Strategy

12/01/2009 -  H.E.President Karzai's video conference with President Obama about the new US strategy for Afghanistan

12/01/2009 -  Remarks by Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States Said Jawad to the Atlantic Partnership

11/25/2009 -  Afghan envoy sees security handover in five years

11/19/2009 -  Inaugural speech by H.E. President Hamid Karzai

11/11/2009 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad  Thanks American  Soldiers on Veterans Day

11/05/2009 - How to Launch a Successful Anti-Corruption Drive in Afghanistan

11/03/2009 - Award Acceptance By Said T.  Jawad Ambassador of Afghanistan to Colombia

11/01/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Meets President Uribe to Expand Security and Development Cooperation between Afghanistan and Colombia

10/30/2009 - American Law Schools Open doors to Afghan Students

10/29/2009 - Afghan Ministry of Finance Busts Major Corruption Ring

10/29/2009 - Changing lives in Afghanistan One Child at a Time

10/29/2009 - H.E. President Hamid Karzai offers condolences to UN Secretary-General and President Zardari

10/28/2009 - The Embassy of Afghanistan hosts Washington Insiders for Power Break

10/28/2009 - The Big Secret about Food

10/23/2009 - Counselor Haidari Speaks to the U.S. National Guard

10/23/2009 - Afghan Envoy Says Karzai Is Open to UN-Run Election

10/21/2009 - Afghan Elections in Context

10/17/2009 - In Afghanistan, Taking a Risk for Democracy

10/15/2009 - Ambassador Jawad blames Obama administration for rough start, suggests runoff possible

10/10/2009 - Afghanistan Ambassador Warns of Worsening Violence

10/09/2009 -H.E. President Hamid Karzai congratulated President Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize

10/05/2009 -United States-Afghanistan Joint Statement on the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) Council Meeting

10/05/2009 -Ambassador Jawad Addresses Packed Crowd at Clinton School

09/23/2009 - Understanding Afghanistan: Turbulent Past; challenging Future

09/23/2009 -Partners in Defense-Afghanistan at the Canadian Embassy

09/23/2009 -Visiting LL.M. Students Hope to Bring Better Life to Afghanistan

09/21/2009 -Afghanistan and the United States launch new US$92 M Economic Reform Program

09/21/2009 -President Hamid Karzai’s message on the International Day of Peace

09/21/2009 Peace Day - 365 Times a Year

09/21/2009 -One Laptop Per Child Initiative Panel Discussion

09/19/2009 - Foreign Minister Spanta in New York for the 64th Session of the UN General Assembly

09/11/2009 -Statement by the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States Said T. Jawad on The 8th Anniversary of 9/11

09/01/2009 -Amb. Jawad Participates in Green Cup Polo Match

09/01/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Represents Afghanistan at White House Ramadan Dinner

09/02/2009 - The 2009 Presidential Election and future of Afghanistan

08/24/2009 - Witness to History -- What I Saw at the Afghan Elections

08/20/2009 - Afghanistan celebrates second presidential Election

08/20/2009 - Preparations continue for fast- Approaching Presidential Election

08/19/2009- AFGHAN 'MATURITY'

08/19/2009- Afghanistan Observes 90 Years of Indepedence

08/13/2009- A Conversation with Afghanistan's US Ambassador

08/12/2009 - Securing Afghanistan in a Regional Context

07/22/2009 - Business Council Announces Entrepreneurship Competition

07/20/2009 - Building a New State in Afghanistan

07/17/2009 - Op-Ed: The Challenges We Face

07/16/2009 - Winning the Good War

07/15/2009 - 'Afghan Star' Documentary to Open in U.S.

07/14/2009 - Minister of Health Addresses Women's Health at Capitol Hill Forum

07/12/2009- Afghan Chief of Army Air Corps Receives Legion of Merit Medal

07/10/2009 - Anything is Possible: Rahila Muhibi's Story

07/09/2009- Aynak Copper Project is Inaugurated in a Glorious Ceremony

07/06/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Opium, Lobbying and Women's Rights

06/30/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses Humanitarian Engagement

06/30/2009 - New York Times Revisits 'Hidden Treasures' Exhibit

06/23/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks at IISS Briefing

06/22/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks to The New Republic

06/17/2009 - President Obama Welcomes Afghan Presidential Election Season

06/16/2009 - Archeologists Seek to Uncover Third Buddha

06/15/2009 - Gen. McChrystal Takes Command, Meets with President Karzai

06/12/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses New Strategy and Regional Relations

06/12/2009 - 'Hidden Treasures' Exhibit Opens Final U.S. Show in New York

06/10/2009 - Buy Afghan Goods, UN Tells Foreigners in Kabul

06/10/2009 - Afghanistan Releases List of Protected Species

06/04/2009 - President Obama Delivers Speech to the Muslim World

05/29/2009 - New Power Lines Light Up Afghan Capital

05/28/2009 - 'If You Can Take the Heat, Invest in Afghanistan'

05/27/2009 - 'Hidden Treasures' Closes in Houston, Heads to New York

05/21/2009 - Political Counselor Speaks at International Affairs Forum

05/19/2009 - Wheat Production Increases in Afghanistan

05/13/2009 - Ambassador Eikenberry Presents Credentials to President Karzai

05/13/2009 - Political Counselor Speaks to Congressional Progressive Caucus

05/13/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses Engagement with Taliban

05/12/2009 - Foreign Minister Spanta Holds Bilateral with Secretary Clinton

05/08/2009 - Political Counselor Speaks at USAID Swearing-In Ceremony

05/07/2009 - President Karzai Meets with President Obama

04/28/2009 - U.S. Senate Praises Bravery of Afghan Schoolgirls

04/26/2009 - Afghan Officials Burn 6.5 Tons of Drugs, Predict Rise in Poppy-Free Provinces

04/22/2009 - Afghanistan Establishes First National Park

04/10/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Interviewed on Bloomberg and Al Jazeera

04/09/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks at Atlantic Council

04/09/2009 - Political Counselor Haidari Delivers Remarks at Arlington National Cemetary

04/08/2009 - Haidari: Education Key to Empowering Afghan Women

04/01/2009 - Afghan Cricket Team Starts Final Leg of Journey to World Cup

03/31/2009 - International Community Gathers for Hague Conference on Afghanistan

03/27/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Welcomes New Strategy for Afghanistan

03/25/2009 - New Learning Center Inaugurated in Bamiyan Province

03/19/2009 - Political Counselor Haidari Speaks at U.S. National Defense Intelligence College

03/16/2009 - Day of Mourning Announced for Former President Mohammad Daoud

03/12/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Outlines New Strategy in Harvard Speech

03/11/2009 - Afghan Woman Presented 'Woman of Courage' Award

03/06/2009 - Development Minister Completes Visit to U.S., Brazil

03/06/2009 - Congress Introduces ROZ Legislation

03/05/2009 - School Year Kicks Off to Record Number of Students

03/03/2009 - Senior Afghan Delegation Completes Visits to Washington

03/02/2009 - 'Hidden Treasures' Exhibit Opens in Houston

02/27/2009 - Minister Zia and Political Counselor Haidari Visit Brazil

02/24/2009 - Senior Afghan Delegation Visits Washington

02/13/2009 - President Karzai Interviewed on CNN

02/12/2009 - Political Counselor Haidari Speaks to Syracuse University Students

02/09/2009 - President Karzai Speaks at Munich Conference

02/09/2009 - Japan Makes Significant Contributions to Rebuilding Afghanistan

02/04/2009 - Afghan Cricket Team Moves on to World Cup Qualifier

02/03/2009 - Foreign Minister Stresses Close Ties with U.S.

02/03/2009 - Political Counselor Haidari Attends USAID Memorial for Paula Loyd

02/03/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Welcomes President Obama and Officials

01/30/2009 - Senator Lieberman Discusses Afghanistan

01/30/2009 - Date for Afghan Presidential Election Set

01/30/2009 - 'Hidden Treasures' Exhibit Closes in San Francisco, Moves to Houston

01/29/2009 - Foreign Minister Spanta Publishes Op-Ed in Washington Times

01/24/2009 - 'Afghan Star' Wins at Sundance Film Festival

01/23/2009 - Afghan Women Judges and Lawyers Complete Trip to U.S.

01/21/2009 - President Karzai, Ambassador Jawad Welcome President Obama

01/20/2009 - Political Counselor Haidari Speaks to US Forces Going to Afghanistan

01/20/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks to Former Congressmen

01/12/2009 - Ambassador Jawad Thanks Bush Administration Officials

01/10/2009 - Vice President-Elect Biden Visits Afghanistan

01/06/2009 - President Zardari Visits Afghanistan


12/31/2009 - The Embassy of Afghanistan in 2008

12/21/2008 - President Karzai Interviewed in Chicago Tribune

12/18/2008 - First Lady Hosts Teleconference on Afghan Women

12/18/2008 - Embassy Hosts Dinner for U.S.-Afghan Women's Council

12/15/2008 - President Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

12/15/2008 - Foreign Minister Attends Regional Meeting in France

12/15/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Emphasizes Solutions

12/08/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Visits Utah

12/07/2008 - High-Level Delegation from New York Visits Afghanistan

12/05/2008 - President Karzai Meets President Zardari in Turkey

12/03/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Receives Global Citizen Award

12/02/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Speaks at Emory University

11/30/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Appears with First Lady on 'Meet the Press'

11/22/2008 - President Karzai and President-Elect Obama Discuss Afghanistan

11/21/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Travels to Orlando

11/20/2008 - Under Secretary Dobriansky Leads Delegation Trip to Afghanistan

11/12/2008 - President Karzai Attends UN Interfaith Meeting

11/05/2008 - Afghanistan Congratulates President-Elect Obama

10/29/2008 - Afghanistan and Pakistan Meet to Address Terrorism Challenges

10/24/2008 - 'Hidden Treasures' Exhibit Opens in San Francisco

10/24/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks at World Affairs Council of Northern California

10/24/2008 - Angelina Jolie Appeals for More Afghan Returnee Aid

10/24/2008 - U.S. Report Finds Declines in Opium in Afghanistan

10/22/2008 - AACC Concludes Business Matchmaking Conference

10/21/2008 - Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce to Host Business Event

10/15/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Travels to Brazil and Argentina

10/14/2008 - Afghanistan Continues Cricket Victories, Looks Towards World Cup

10/11/2008 - Afghanistan Participates in IMF/World Bank Meetings

10/08/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Speaks at the Wilton Park Conference

10/07/2008 - 'Hidden Treasures' Heads to San Francisco

10/03/2008 - IDLG Director Popal Visits Washington

09/29/2008 - President Karzai Visits Washington, Meets President Bush

09/25/2008 - U.S. and Afghanistan Complete Third Round of Strategic Partnership Talks

09/24/2008 - Afghanistan Showcased for First Time at MINExpo 2008 in Las Vegas

09/24/2008 - Minister of Defense Addresses Security in Heritage Foundation Event

09/24/2008 - President Karzai Addresses UN General Assembly

09/22/2008 - Minister of Defense Visits Washington, Meets with Senior Officials

09/17/2008 - 'In Afghanistan' Exhibit Highlights Dutch-Afghan Partnership

09/15/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Speaks to Diplomats, Students

09/11/2008 - Afghanistan Commemorates Attacks of September 11, 2001

09/09/2008 - National Hero of Afghanistan Remembered

09/08/2008 - Afghanistan's Communications Revolution

09/04/2008 - Opium Cultivation and Production Declines in Afghanistan

08/27/2008 - Political Counselor Speaks to Naval Academy and Foreign Service Institute

08/25/2008 - 'In Afghanistan' Exhibit Comes to Washington

08/24/2008 - Afghan National Army Takes Control of Security in Kabul

08/24/2008 - 'Hidden Treasures' Enters Final Weeks in Washington

08/21/2008 - Life and Work of Abdul Rahim Ghafoorzai Recognized

08/20/2008 - Afghanistan Wins First Ever Olympic Medal

08/19/2008 - Afghanistan Celebrates Independence Day

08/12/2008 - Roads Lead to Recovery in Afghanistan

08/11/2008 - Humvees Headed to Afghanistan

08/08/2008 - President Karzai and Four Afghan Athletes Attend Olympic Games

08/07/2008 - Senator Reid Makes First Visit to Afghanistan

08/06/2008 - President Karzai Visits Sri Lanka and India

08/05/2008 - Afghan Women Complete Business Course

08/04/2008 - Afghan Legislators Participate in Free Market Seminars

08/01/2008 - First Lady Laura Bush Speaks to Fox News About Afghanistan

07/29/2008 - Afghanistan Celebrates Stellar Achievement

07/28/2008 - Afghan Minister of Health Visits U.S., Meets with Senior Officials

07/21/2008 - Sen. Obama Visits Afghanistan, Meets President Karzai

07/18/2008 - Ambassador and Mrs. Jawad Speak on Afghanistan at Sixth & I

07/18/2008 - Political Counselor Ashraf Haidari Speaks to RAND Corporation

07/18/2008 - President Karzai Speaks to Radio Free Europe

07/16/2008 - U.S. Signals Continued Commitment to Afghanistan

07/15/2008 - Admiral Mullen Visits Afghanistan, Meets with President Karzai

07/14/2008 - Mineral Sector Provides Economic Potential for Afghanistan

07/10/2008 - Foreign Minister Spanta Addresses UN Security Council

07/07/2008 - President Karzai, Ambassador Jawad Condemn Attack in Kabul

07/02/2008 - Statement of Ambassador Said T. Jawad on U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan

07/02/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Discusses Canada's Assistance to Afghanistan

07/02/2008 - Afghan Geodesy and Cartography President Visits Washington

06/30/2008 - President Bush Signs War Funding Bill for Iraq, Afghanistan

06/27/2008 - Afghan Attorney General Visits U.S. to Discuss Rule of Law Initiatives

06/27/2008 - Resolution Introduced to Create Reconstruction Opportunity Zones

06/25/2008 - Wireless Milestone Reached in Afghanistan

06/20/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks on Rule of Law Initiatives in Afghanistan

06/20/2008 - Embassy of Afghanistan Hosts Benefit for Afghanistan Center

06/20/2008 - A Prophetic Voice on Taliban Calls Out Again

06/17/2008 - Embassy of Afghanistan Hosts Benefit for American University of Afghanistan

06/12/2008 - Paris Conference Yields $21 Billion for Afghanistan's Development

06/11/2008 - First Lady Laura Bush Travels to Afghanistan and Visits Bamiyan Province

06/11/2008 - Afghan President Hamid Karzai Visits the Netherlands

06/05/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Thanks Gen. McNeill for Service, Welcomes Gen. McKiernan

06/03/2008 - Cricket Victory Stirs Afghan National Pride

06/03/2008 - Afghanistan to Gain Twelve Airports in Five Years

05/30/2008 - Embassy of Canada Hosts Third Anniversary Celebration for Ayenda Foundation

05/29/2008 - National Geographic Launches Afghan Children’s Fund

05/29/2008 - Afghan Artifacts Repatriated by Customs Officials

05/29/2008 - Afghanistan Signs Deal with China for Aynak Copper Mine

05/29/2008 - Afghanistan Highlighted at OPIC Middle East Investment Conference in Jordan

05/29/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Addresses Brigade Forces at Ft. Polk, Louisiana

05/29/2008 - Pennsylvania World Trade Center Showcases Afghanistan at Annual Event

05/29/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Discusses Cross-Border Terrorism at U.S. Comptroller General Forum

05/28/2008 - Hidden Treasures Exhibit Opens to Public

05/25/2008 - Afghanistan Online: Blogging from Bamiyan to Badakhshan

05/20/2008 - Shakespeare in Kabul

05/20/2008 - Washington Press Catches First Glimpse of Afghanistan's "Hidden Treasures"

05/19/2008 - President Hamid Karzai Meets with President George W. Bush at World Economic Forum for the Middle East

05/14/2008 - Foreign Minister Spanta Visits U.S., Signs Joint Declaration with Secretary Rice

05/09/2008 - Taste of Afghanistan Celebrates Diversity of Flavors and Cultures

05/07/2008 - TIME Magazine names Khaled Hosseini One of the Top 100 Most Influential People

05/01/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Discusses Peace and Security in Afghanistan at Emory and McGill Universities

04/30/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses USGS Forum on Mineral Resources in Afghanistan

04/30/2008 - Second Vice President Karim Khalili discusses Afghan Security during Visit to the U.S.

04/30/2008 - Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Zia Highlights National Solidarity Program during U.S. Visit

04/30/2008 - The Music of the Reeds: The Life of Rumi

04/29/2008 - New U.S. Marines Lead Assault in Helmand

04/29/2008 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for April 2008

04/29/2008 - Photographer exposes the Bay Area to “The Other Afghanistan”

04/29/2008 - BBC Journalist's Trip to the Minaret of Jam was "Worth Every Difficulty"

04/29/2008 - Afghan Governors Meet with Governor Schwarzenegger

04/29/2008 - Afghan Athletes Train for Beijing Olympics

04/29/2008 - Queen Victoria Voyage Focuses on Afghanistan During Maiden World Cruise

04/22/2008 - Wall Street Journal: Afghans Build an Army, and a Nation

04/22/2008 - Washington Post: Afghan Commandos Emerge

04/22/2008 - National Geographic and the National Gallery Launch Hidden Treasures of Afghanistan Websites

04/22/2008 - AISA Gets World's Second Best Investment Promotion Agency Award

04/18/2008 - First Lady Laura Bush Addresses Afghan Student Leaders at Young Atlanticist Summit

04/18/2008 - Foreign Minister Spanta Meets with French and Canadian Counterparts

04/18/2008 - Afghan Governors Meet with President Bush During Cross Country Tour

04/17/2008 - Minister of Finance Ahady & Governor of Central Bank Fitrat Conclude World Bank Spring Meetings

04/06/2008 - NATO Nations Commit to Afghan Security at Bucharest Summit

04/01/2008 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for March 2008

03/31/2008 - Foreign Minister Spanta Travels to Tajikistan for Tripartite Meeting

03/31/2008 - 1/3 of Country Tunes in to Choose Next Afghan Star

03/31/2008 - New Reconstruction Projects will Help Over 6000 Families

03/31/2008 - New U.N. Envoy Arrives in Afghanistan

03/25/2008 - Afghan Champion of Human Rights Honored as Young Global Leader

03/25/2008 - First Day of School for Afghan Children

03/22/2008 - U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney Visits Afghanistan

03/21/2008 - President Karzai Addresses the Organization of the Islamic Conference

03/18/2008 - Reconstruction Opportunity Zones Enhance Global Security And Promote Afghanistan’s Economic Development

03/12/2008 - Afghan Women Raise Their Voices on International Women's Day

03/07/2008 - Afghan Government Commits to Renewable Energy and Environmental Protections at Washington Conference

03/06/2008 - Embassy Hosts Reception for Launch of Justice Reform Partnership

03/01/2008 - USGS Official Awarded Afghan Presidential Medal

03/01/2008 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for February 2008

03/01/2008 - Afghan-Americans Weighing Presidential Candidates' Afghanistan Policy

03/01/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Speaks to U.S. Forces Deploying to Afghanistan

03/01/2008 - Walsh University and Walt Whitman Model UN Students Visit the Embassy

02/29/2008 - Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University Needs Financial Support

02/29/2008 - Afghan Women to Unite for Peace on International Women's Day

02/29/2008 - Foreign Minister Spanta Visits Norway

02/29/2008 - Australia Shifts Focus, Recommits in Afghanistan

02/29/2008 - Afghanistan's Cabinet Meets with Jalalabad Leaders

02/29/2008 - First Ever Afghan Participation in Largest ICT Exhibition

02/28/2008 - International Partners Help Afghanistan Keep Warm During Country's Coldest Winter

02/28/2008 - Project Artemis Seeks Afghan Businesswomen

02/22/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Briefs Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University

02/21/2008 - Bamiyan Development Community Preserves and Protects Local Culture

02/21/2008 - President Karzai, Foreign Minister Spanta and Ambassador Jawad attend U.S.-Islamic World Forum

02/21/2008 - Afghan Student Pays Good Fortune Forward

02/11/2008 - Embassy of Afghanistan Expresses Condolences at the Passing of Congressman Tom Lantos

02/11/2008 - New York Times: Soccer as an Escape to Hope for Afghan Teenager

02/11/2008 - Prof. Sibghatullah Al-Mojadeddi Travels to U.S. for National Prayer Breakfast

02/08/2008 - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband Travel to Afghanistan to Demonstrate International Unity

02/04/2008 - Foreign Minister Spanta Travels to Japan for JCMB Talks

02/01/2008 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for January 2008

02/01/2008 - Political Counselor Ashraf Haidari Addresses National Guard Forces at US Naval Postgraduate School

02/01/2008 - Afghanistan Study Group and Atlantic Council of the U.S. Reports Propose Crucial Recommendations for Success in Afghanistan

02/01/2008 - American University Foreign Policy Students Visit Embassy of Afghanistan

01/31/2008 - U.S. President Lauds Afghan Progress in State of the Union

01/31/2008 - World's First Oil Paintings Discovered in Bamiyan

01/31/2008 - Presidential Campaigns Weigh in on Afghanistan

01/31/2008 - Kabul Dolls Create Opportunities for Independence

01/31/2008 - Norway Remains Committed to Afghan Mission

01/31/2008 - All Eyes are on Afghan Rugs at Las Vegas Market

01/25/2008 - UN Secretary General Argues "Being in Afghanistan is dangerous, not being in Afghanistan is more dangerous"

01/25/2008 - President Karzai Addresses World Economic Forum

01/23/2008 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Publishes Study on Reconstruction, Stability and Security in Afghanistan

01/23/2009 - University of Hartford Partners with Herat Engineers

01/23/2008 - First Lady Laura Bush Commends Progress in Education and Health at U.S.-Afghan Women's Council

01/18/2008 - U.S. To Send 3200 Marines to Afghanistan

01/15/2008 - Embassy of Afghanistan Condemns Kabul Serena Hotel Terrorist Attack


12/31/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for December 2007

12/28/2007 - University of British Columbia Helps Restore Afghanistan's Forests

12/28/2007 - New Books on Afghanistan

12/27/2007 - World Leaders Pledge to Stand with Afghanistan

12/27/2007 - President Hamid Karzai Visits Pakistan, Strongly Condemns Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

12/27/2007 - President Hamid Karzai Strongly Condemned the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

12/27/2007 - Washington Monthly Reports on The Schools that the Taliban Won't Torch

12/26/2007 - Ancient Afghan Treasures to Tour United States in 2008

12/20/2007 - ANA Medics Graduate

12/18/2007 - United Arab Emirates Builds University in Afghanistan

12/18/2007 - The Ottawa Convention and Afghanistan: Ten Years Later

12/18/2007 - Center for American Progress Publishes 40 Reasons to Reengage in Afghanistan

12/18/2007 - President Karzai and U.S. Governors Discuss Achievements, Cooperation

12/15/2007 - International Assistance, Cold Storage to Boost Sales of Afghan Pomegranates

12/14/2007 - UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown Unveils New Afghan Strategy After Kabul Visit

12/14/2007 - Afghan Women Demonstrate for Peace

12/14/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Travels to Turkmenistan

12/14/2007 - Afghan Attorney General Travels to Washington, Launches Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

12/12/2007 - New Poll Shows Hopes and Concerns of Afghans

12/10/2007 - Celebrities Participate in Afghan Kite Auction for Charity

12/04/2007 - U.S. Secretary of Defense Travels to Afghanistan

12/01/2007 - Khaled Hosseini in Newsweek: High Hopes, Afghans Remain Optimistic Despite it All

12/01/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for November 2007

11/30/2007 - International Community Shows Strong Support for Afghanistan

11/29/2007 - Afghan-American Rangina Hamidi to be Honored as a CNN Hero

11/29/2007 - Afghan Jewish Community Hosts Ambassador Jawad

11/29/2007 - U.S. Weighs a Larger Role for Afghanistan

11/28/2007 - Anyak Mine Project to Provide Employment, Mineral Wealth for Afghanistan

11/25/2007 - Rebuild Afghanistan Summit Announced for December 15

11/20/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses the Alaska World Affairs Council

11/19/2007 - National Education Strategic Plan to Expand Opportunities to Afghan Youth

11/19/2007 - American University of Afghanistan Creates an Educational Legacy

11/19/2007 - HSU Marching Band Performs Afghan National Anthem

11/16/2007 - Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce Holds Third Annual Conference

11/16/2007 - Ring Road and Silk Road Revolutionize Afghanistan's Economy

11/16/2007 - Afghan Popular Support Key to Defeating the Taliban

11/16/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Meets with Chinese Counterpart

11/15/2007 - Political Counselor Discusses Forced Repatriation of Afghan Refugees from Iran

11/15/2007 - Mircrowave Ring Boosts Afghan Telecommunications

11/15/2007 - "Novel Company": Embassy Hosts Capitol File Magazine and Influential Washington Women for a Discussion of A Thousand Splendid Suns (pdf)

11/14/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Social and Economic Reforms in Arizona

11/13/2007 - U.S. House of Representatives Condemns Terrorist Attack in Baghlan Province

11/13/2007 - Significant Potential for Undiscovered Resources in Afghanistan

11/06/2007 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel Visits Afghanistan

11/06/2007 - President Karzai Condemns Terrorist Attack in Baghlan Province

11/03/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Receives Honorary Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Education at Argosy University

11/05/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Promotes Afghanistan During Trip to New York

10/31/2007 - Political Counselor Focuses on Cultural Awareness During Vist to Military Bases

10/31/2007 - Afghanistan's Diaspora Crucial to Successful Reconstruction

10/31/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for October 2007

10/30/2007 - The Ayenda Foundation Celebrates Second Anniversary at the Embassy of Afghanistan

10/30/2007 - President Hamid Karzai Visits the United Kingdom

10/30/2007 - Afghanistan's Speaker of the Parliament Promotes Afghanistan's Democratic Transition During Visit to the U.S.

10/29/2007 - Asia Foundation Releases 2007 Afghan Public Opinion Poll

10/29/2007 - President Karzai Demands Better Coordination to Reduce Civilian Casualties

10/25/2007 - Kansas State University Strengthens Partnership with Kabul University

10/25/2007 - Finance Minister Ahady Predicts Double-Digit Growth at World Bank–IMF Annual Meetings in Washington, DC

10/24/2007 - Female Police Officers Hold Conference in Kabul

10/24/2007 - Embassy Hosts American Author Rosanne Klass

10/23/2007 - Center for Policy Priorities Announces Young Afghan Professionals Summit 2007

10/23/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Post-Conflict Management with Business-Government Relations Council

10/22/2007 - Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak Expresses Full Confidence in Afghan Security Forces during Official Visit to the U.S.

10/19/2007 - Travelers Heed the Call to Bamiyan and the Wakhan Corridor

10/16/2007 - Freer Gallery to Honor Rumi

10/16/2007 - Washington Preforming Arts Society Gets a Taste of Afghanistan

10/11/2007 - Economic Cooperation Organization Foreign Ministers to Meet in Herat

10/11/2007 - Supporting Afghanistan: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Japan

10/05/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Helps Launch Exhibition of Young Afghan Photographers

09/30/2007 - Embassy Hosts Rumi Scholars from Around the World

09/30/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for September 2007

09/30/2007 - Roads, Cellphones and Windmills Improve Quality of Life in Panjshir Valley

09/27/2007 - President Karzai Meets with U.S. President George Bush at United Nations

09/27/2007 - International Community in Solidarity with Afghanistan at Special UN Summit

09/27/2007 - President Karzai and Foreign Minister Spanta Attend UN General Assembly

09/26/2007 - Embassy Briefs Congressional Staff on Afghanistan's Counter-Narcotics Strategy

09/21/2007 - Everyday Heroes in Today's Afghanistan

09/21/2007 - Afghanistan's Judicial System Strengthened through International Partnerships

09/17/2007 - Alt-Afghanistan: Rock Band Looks to Afghanistan for Inspiration

09/17/2007 - Author Khaled Hosseini Returns to Afghanistan

09/17/2007 - American Actor Jude Law Promotes Peace Day during Afghan Travels

09/15/2007 - Denmark, Latvia and Germany Strengthening Support for Afghan Mission

09/14/2007 - Noor TV Focuses on Afghan Community

09/11/2007 - President Karzai Meets with Latvian President and Dutch Prime Minister

08/31/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for August 2007

08/31/2007 - Afghanistan Remembrance Former Prime Minister Abdul Rahim Ghafoorzai

08/30/2007 - U.S. Secretary of Commerce Travels to Afghanistan

08/29/2007 - Portland State University Announces Pashto Language Program

08/29/2007 - Afghan Girls Soccer Team Scores Big in International Debut

08/29/2007 - Afghanistan and Tajikistan Remain Committed Partners

08/28/2007 - Young Afghan Cricketers Make History

08/28/2007 - University of Maryland to Hold International Rumi Conference

08/27/2007 - Creation of International Police Coordination Board Secretariat Announced

08/23/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Travels to China

08/20/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Celebrates Independence Day

08/20/2007 - President Karzai Addresses the Youth of Afghanistan on the 88th Anniversary of Independence

08/19/2007 - President Karzai Stresses Regional Cooperation at SCO Summit

08/15/2007 - Profile of a Suicide Bomber

08/14/2007 - Historic Jirga Unites Afghanistan and Pakistan Against Terrorism

08/11/2007 - Governance and Rule of Law in Afghanistan: Challenges and Opportunities

08/08/2007 - Afghanistan Goes Green

08/08/2007 - Afghan Women Given a Sporting Chance, and Take It

08/08/2007 - 28,000 Square Meters of Carpets to Be Unveiled at 1st Afghanistan International Carpet Fair

08/06/2007 - President Karzai and U.S. President Vow to Defeat Taliban at Camp David

08/02/2007 - Visiting Afghan Students Ask for More Education Resources

08/01/2007 - Political Counselor Haidari Meets with Georgetown Students

07/31/2007 - U.S.-Afghan Women's Council Travels to Afghanistan

07/30/2007 - Picturing Afghanistan

07/30/2007 - President Hamid Karzai: "Hostage Taking is Against Islam and Afghan Culture"

07/27/2007 - President Karzai Meets New British Foreign Secretary

07/27/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for July 2007

07/27/2007 - Land of the High Flags: Afghanistan When the Going Was Good

07/27/2007 - Global Afghans Gather for Soccer Tournament

07/24/2007 - World Leaders Remember Father of the Nation Mohammad Zahir Shah

07/24/2007 - U.S. President Expresses Sadness at the Passing of Father of the Nation Mohammad Zahir Shah

07/23/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Briefs Congressional Committee on Afghanistan and Global Security

07/23/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Expresses Condolences to the Afghan People upon the Passing of Father of the Nation Mohammad Zahir Shah

07/19/2007 - Britain's Continued Commitment

07/19/2007 - President Karzai to Meet with President Bush at Camp David

07/19/2007 - Embassy Expresses Condolences to the People of Brazil

07/19/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks with New Media Pioneers

07/16/2007 - Second Annual U.S.-Afghanistan Trade & Investment Council Meeting Convenes

07/16/2007 - President Karzai Visits Turkmenistan, Builds on Excellent Relations

07/16/2007 - Political Counselor Haidari Speaks with National Guard Training Team

07/16/2007 - Virtual Exhibition: Afghan Artist Fatana Arifi

07/10/2007 - Afghan Army Executes First Major Operation

07/10/2007 - Planes, Trains and Limousines: Growth in Afghan Transport Sector

07/10/2007 - Everyday Heroes in Today's Afghanistan

07/10/2007 - Major New Text Examines Modern Afghan History

07/07/2007 - No Silver Bullet for Afghanistan's Drug Crisis

07/06/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Thanks American Soldiers on the 4th of July

07/06/2007 - President Karzai Attends Rome Conference on Rebuilding Afghanistan's Justice System

07/06/2007 - Political Counselor Aziz Discusses Afghanistan and Central Asia at the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Service Institute

07/06/2007 - UN Celebrates 800th Birth Anniversary of Rumi

07/05/2007 - Washington Post Profiles Afghan Artist

07/03/2007 - President Hamid Karzai Orders Investigation into Civilian Casualties Incident

06/30/2007 - Afghanistan Freedom and Security Support Act Enters the US Senate

06/29/2007 - President Karzai Meets with UN Secretary General in Kabul

06/29/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for June 2007

06/29/2007 - Afghan Parliamentarians Discuss Security and Reconstruction in Washington

06/29/2007 - ANA Chief of the General Staff Visits Washington, DC

06/28/2007 - Roshan Launches Afghanistan's First Telemedicine Project

06/27/2007 - BBC Reports on Challenges Facing Afghan Schools

06/27/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Re-Launches Dari/Pashto Newsletter

06/27/2007 - Commercial Attache Addresses Engineers at Army Navy Club

06/27/2007 - More Tourists Flock to Afghanistan in 2007

06/27/2007 - Minerals offer Major Investment Opportunities in Afghanistan

06/27/2007 - AfghanMark Logo Receives International Recognition as, "The Brand That Empowers The Women Who Make The Carpets Of Afghanistan”

06/21/2007 - Kabul to Host International Trade & Industry Exhibition July 18-22

06/20/2007 - EPAA to Host First Afghanistan International Carpet Fair in Kabul (pdf)

06/19/2007 - Malaysia, Canada and Japan Stand with Afghanistan

06/19/2007 - Afghan Athletes Train with Global Goals

06/18/2007 - President Hamid Karzai Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack in Kabul

06/13/2007 - Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan Sign Joint Statement on Border Management Cooperation in Drug Control

06/12/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Strategy at New America Foundation

06/12/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Represents Afghanistan at G8 Summit

06/12/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses Afghan Counter-Narcotics Police Graduates

06/11/2007 - Afghan Delegation Conclude U.S. Training in Preservation and Park Management

06/07/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Hosts Luncheon for Woodrow Wilson Center Board of Trustees

06/06/2007 - Political Counselor M. Ashraf Haidari Visits CNPA Trainees at the DEA Academy

06/06/2007 - U.S. Secretary of Defense Travels to Kabul and Kandahar

06/06/2007 - USGS Partners with Embassy to Unveil Major Afghan Earthquakes Study

06/01/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for May 2007

05/25/2007 - Afghanistan Freedom and Security Support Act Will Provide Country with Crucial Resources for Reconstruction and to Fight Terrorism

05/25/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Applauds ASCHIANA Foundation and Germany for their Contributions to Afghanistan

05/24/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Addresses World Affairs Council of Washington, DC

05/24/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Receives Italian and German Counterparts

05/24/2007 - Polish Troops to Join the Fight Against the Taliban

05/24/2007 - U.S. President and NATO Secretary-General Pledge to Reduce Civilian Casualties

05/24/2007 - Distinguished Afghan Writer Khaled Hosseini Releases Second Novel

05/24/2007 - Prime Minister Stephen Harper Assures President Karzai that Canada is Determined to Win the Peace in Afghanistan

05/23/2007 - OP ED: Canada Needs to Keep its Troops in Afghanistan

05/18/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Discusses Aid Effectiveness at the Center for American Progress

05/18/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Discusses Afghanistan On Board the Queen Mary 2

05/18/2007 - Embassy Participates in Counter Narcotics Roundtable at U.S. Institute of Peace

05/17/2007 - U.S. President Appoints War Czar for Iraq and Afghanistan

05/17/2007 - Afghanistan’s Parliament Joins the Inter-Parliamentary Union

05/17/2007 - Vocational School Opens in Kabul, Major Infrastructure Projects Inaugurated in Kunduz

05/17/2007 - Everyday Heroes in Today's Afghanistan

05/16/2007 - Study Finds Public Health Improving as Afghans Celebrate International Midwives’ Day

05/14/2007 - Fourth Annual Development Forum Convened in Kabul

05/14/2007 - USAID Afghanistan Update (pdf)

05/08/2007 - Birney Elementary School Learns About Afghanistan

05/08/2007 - Colonel John Nicholson (USA) Holds Briefing in Afghanistan to Discuss Operations Among the Afghan People and the March 4 Incident

05/04/2007 - Demand Increases for Women to Join Afghan Police (

05/04/2007 - Building Peace in Afghanistan: The Way Forward

05/03/2007 - Afghan Communicator Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Honored by New York Mayor

05/03/2007 - Ankara Declaration a Step Forward in Regional Relations

05/01/2007 - USAID Launches Afghanistan Now Magazine (pdf)

04/30/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for April 2007

04/30/2007 - Dole Foods Pledges Support for Afghanistan's Agricultural Development

04/30/2007 - Kabul Marriot Hotel Lease Agreement Signed

04/30/2007 - American Singer Clay Aiken Visits Afghan Schools

04/30/2007 - Renowned Afghan Poet Ustad Faani Passes Away

04/26/2007 - European Commission Offers Erasmus Scholarships for Afghan Students

04/26/2007 - Afghanistan Launches Major Fiber-Optics Project

04/24/2007 - AACC Congressional Forum Addresses Priorities for U.S. Funding to Afghanistan

04/23/2007 - Finance Minister Ahady Concludes Official U.S. Visit

04/19/2007 - Embassy Emphasizes Afghanistan's Economic Role at U.S. Dept of Commerce (BISNIS) Conference

04/18/2007 - Counselor Haidari Lectures on Afghanistan’s Drug Control Policy at Georgetown University

04/17/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Expresses Condolences to U.S. Secretary of State Rice

04/17/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses Students at UC Berkeley

04/17/2007 - Planting Afghan Sahebi Grape Vine in Napa Valley

04/17/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Discusses Bi-lateral Relations with Secretary Rice and Receives New U.S. Ambassador

04/17/2007 - New U.S. Ambassador Presents Credentials to President Karzai

04/17/2007 - Finance Minister Ahady Discusses Afghanistan's Financial Health at Brookings

04/17/2007 - President Karzai is Saddened by the Tragic Incident at Virginia Tech University

04/12/2007 - Kabul to Host Bicycle Race

04/12/2007 - AfghanMark Brands Carpets Hand-Woven by Afghan Women

04/11/2007 - Counselor Haidari Speaks at Georgetown University Security Studies Program

04/11/2007 - Diane Sawyer Speaks with President Karzai and Ordinary Afghans

04/09/2007 - President Karzai Condemns the Killing of Ajmal Naqshbandii

04/06/2007 - Media Is Development Explores Media's Role in a Free Afghanistan

04/06/2007 - India Names Street After Ahmad Shah Massoud

04/04/2007 - Radio Free Afghanistan Celebrates Five Years of Broadcasting

04/04/2007 - Afghanistan to Take Back Madrassas in 2007

04/04/2007 - Afghanistan Joins South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

03/30/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for March 2007

03/27/2007 - First Secretary Haidari Addresses National Defense Intelligence College

03/23/2007 - Afghans Celebrate New Year

03/23/2007 - USAID Afghanistan Update (pdf)

03/23/2007 - Afghanistan's First Bottled-Water Company Makes Debut

03/22/2007 - Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the UN Address the Security Council on Situation in Afghanistan

03/22/2007 - President Karzai Meets with Chancellor Merkel and Receives Award in Germany

03/22/2007 - As Spring Blooms, Record Number of Afghan Children Begin First Day of School

03/20/2007 - Happy Norouz from the Embassy of Afghanistan

03/16/2007 - Reconstruction Opportunity Zones Described as Major Boost for Afghan Economy

03/16/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Welcomes Incoming U.S. Officials

03/16/2007 - Afghan Sports Federation Rejuvenates Afghanistan’s Athletic Prowess

03/15/2007 - Afghan and U.S. Officials Conclude Strategic Partnership Talks

03/10/2007 - The Globe and Mail Report on the Growth of Afghanistan's Mining Sector

03/09/2007 - Afghanistan Celebrates International Women's Day

03/08/2007 - Abbott Fund Provides Vital Medical Care to Afghan Women

03/08/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Conveys Appreciation to Vice President and Secretaries of State and Defense

03/08/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Sends Message of Gratitude to U.S. Military Leaders

03/06/2007 - New York Times Reports on Land and Wildlife Conservation in Afghanistan

03/06/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Travels to Washington State

03/06/2007 - Secretary Haidari Speaks at American Foreign Service Association

03/02/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks with Military Families at Fairchild Air Force Base

02/28/2007 - Roots of Peace Celebrates Ten Years of Planting Peace at the Embassy of Afghanistan

02/28/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for February 2007

02/27/2007 - President Karzai Meets U.S. Vice President and NATO Chief

02/27/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses the Afghan Relief Organization in Los Angeles

02/22/2007 - First Secretary Haidari Speaks at Syracuse University

02/22/2007 - Media in Afghanistan: Past Challenges and Present Achievements

02/21/2007 - Britain and Italy Pledge Their Support to Afghanistan

02/20/2007 - President Bush Reaffirms Strong Commitment to Afghanistan

02/19/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Travels to Afghanistan

02/20/2007 - Marriott Hotel Coming to Kabul

02/19/2007 - Ariana–Boeing Deal Sealed: Flights Commenced

02/19/2007 - Afghanistan Now Exporting Gourmet Vegetables

02/19/2007 - Afghansitan Economic Working Group Links U.S. and Afghan Partners

02/13/2007 - Microfinance Makes a World of Difference in Afghanistan

02/13/2007 - Embassy Participates in Suffolk University Panel on Transitional Justice

02/13/2007 - Canadian Humanitarian Assitance Offers Afghans a Helping Hand

02/13/2007 - Afghan Version of American Idol Creates a New Superstar

02/09/2007 - The Circus Comes to Afghanistan

02/09/2007 - Motherland Afghanistan to Premiere on PBS February 13

02/08/2007 - WHO, UNICEF campaign to eradicate measles in Afghanistan

02/08/2007 - Radio Programs Empower Women in Afghanistan

02/01/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Attends Donor Summit in Berlin

02/01/2007 - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Meets with President Karzai

01/31/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Legislative Update for January 2007

01/26/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks to Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

01/26/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Signs MoU with Indian Counterpart

01/26/2007 - Afghanistan to Receive New US Ambassador

01/26/2007 - Outgoing Commander says U.S. commitment Will Live On in Afghanistan

01/25/2007 - New York Times Travel Section: "Kabul — raw, ruined, yet stirring back to life — had never seemed more magical"

01/24/2007 - Afghan Civilians Stop Terror Attack on U.S. Base

01/24/2007 - Afghan Rugs Leave Lasting Impression at Atlanta Exhibition

01/23/2007 - Afghan Songbook Brings Delight to Afghan Children and Nostalgia to Parents

01/23/2007 - UNAMA Poll: Returning Home to Rebuild Afghanistan

01/23/2007 - De-Mining Success in Afghanistan

01/18/2007 - President Karzai Meets with US Secretary of Defense Gates

01/18/2007 - US Congressional Delegation Meets with President Karzai

01/18/2007 - Foreign Minister Spanta Travels to Egypt to Strengthen Bi-Lateral Relations

01/11/2007 - Miraculous Operation Gives Afghan Boy a Second Chance

01/11/2007 - Embassy Hosts Female Students from Afghanistan

01/11/2207 - UNODC Welcomes Development Drive to Tackle Opium Production

01/11/2007 - "Kite Runner” Filming in China

01/09/2007 - Afghan Students Benefit from Fulbright Scholarships

01/09/2007 - Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Travels to Afghanistan

01/01/2007 - City of Hope


12/27/2006 - UNESCO Names 2007 Year of Rumi

12/27/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Welcomes New Congressional Leadership

12/26/2006 - Afghan Poet Raziq Faani’s Life and Works Celebrated

12/26/2006 - First Secretary Haidari Speaks to Princeton University Students

12/22/2006 - Incoming Afghan Ambassador to the UN Presents Credentials

12/22/2006 - President Karzai Briefs US Senators on Security and Inaugurates Police Center

12/22/2006 - Atlanta to Showcase Impressions of Afghanistan, Jan. 18-21

12/20/2006 - Afghanistan and Pakistan Partner to Eliminate Polio

12/19/2006 - Governor of Afghan Central Bank Concludes IMF Training in Washington

12/14/2006 - Foreign Minister Spanta Visits France and Receives UNESCO Award

12/11/2006 - Afghanistan’s Two Adopted Grandmothers

12/11/2006 - Psychiatric Center Inaugurated in Kabul

12/11/2006 - President Karzai Launches Action Plan for Justice

12/08/2006 - President Karzai and Foreign Minister Spanta Meet with Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri

12/06/2006 - Foreign Minister Spanta Travels to Uzbekistan

12/06/2006 - U.S.-Afghan Women's Council Partners with Georgetown University

12/05/2006 - Talent Contest Announced for Afghan Businesswomen

12/05/2006 - Bactrian Gold Makes International Debut in France

12/04/2006 - Electrification Succeeds in Zabul and Khowst

12/04/2006 - Innovative Ideas Empower Afghans with Disabilities

11/28/2006 - Afghanistan National Basketball Team Makes Impressive Debut

11/23/2006 - Afghanistan's Minister of Defense Receives Legion of Merit Award from Sec. Rumsfeld

11/23/2006 - Afghanistan Joins Neighbors in Adopting the "New Delhi Declaration"

11/23/2006 - President Karzai Receives the Indira Ghandi Peace Award

11/23/2006 - Afghanistan's Minister of Defense Meets with Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns

11/22/2006 - Middlebury Student’s Photographs Provide Glimpse of Life in Afghanistan

11/20/2006 - British Prime Minister Pledges International Commitment to Afghanistan

11/20/2006 - Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage Restored

11/17/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Attends Graduation of Afghan Businesswomen in Arizona

11/16/2006 - Defense Minister Wardak Meets with Vice President Cheney

11/15/2006 - President Karzai Welcomes the International Convention Against Landmines

11/15/2006 - Afghan Beauty Queen Makes History

11/15/2006 - Afghan Firms Receive $94 Million

11/15/2006 - Experts Discuss the Fate of Afghanistan’s Giant Buddhas

11/15/2006 - California’s Rebuilding Afghanistan Summit Focuses on Reconstruction

11/09/2006 - Foreign Minister Spanta Receives Representatives from the U.S., Australia and the Netherlands

11/09/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Attends International Conference on Creating Stability and Prosperity in Afghanistan and the Region

11/09/2006 - Minister of Commerce & Industries Makes First Official Visit to the U.S.

11/09/2006 - Afghan Government Responds to the Resignation of U.S. Secretary of Defense

11/09/2006 - Survey: Afghan Citizens Support Coalition Forces and See Improvements to Their Lives

11/09/2006 - President Karzai Strongly Condemns the Terrorist Attack in Pakistan

11/08/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Afghanistan’s Partnership with the U.S. in Jacksonville

11/08/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Conveys Condolences to Pakistani Ambassador

11/08/2006 - From Mines to Vines: Two Mothers in Afghanistan

11/07/2006 - Embassy Reaction to the US Midterm Congressional Elections

11/07/2006 - First Secretary Haidari Visits Afghan Pilots and DEA FAST Agents in El Paso

11/06/2006 - Op Ed: Here's Why I'm Going Back to Afghanistan

11/02/2006 - U.S. and Afghan Attorney Generals Meet in Washington, DC

10/30/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Afghanistan's Progress at the Council on Foreign Relations

10/20/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Travels to Philadelphia

10/20/2006 - The Center for American Progress Hosts Ambassador Jawad

10/20/2006 - President Karzai Holds Bilateral Meeting with President Bush

10/20/2006 - Trilateral Summit on Counter-Terrorism

10/20/2006 - Foreign Minister Spanta Meets with Counterparts in New York

10/20/2006 - U.S. Bi-Partisan Support for Doubling Reconstruction Efforts

10/20/2006 - President Karzai Discusses Security at Woodrow Wilson Center

10/20/2006 - President Karzai Addresses the United Nations General Assembly

10/20/2006 - President Karzai Receives Honorary Degree from Georgetown

10/20/2006 - Canadian Parliament Welcomes President Karzai

10/20/2006 - President Karzai Meets with Private Sector Leaders

10/20/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Hosts Iraqi President Talabani

10/20/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Post 9-11 in Texas

10/20/2006 - Afghan Debt Restructured in Historic Agreement

10/20/2006 - Foreign Service Officers Briefed on Threat's to Afghanistan's Stability

10/20/2006 - Embassy Hosts Students to Discuss Afghanistan's Strategy to Win the Peace

10/20/2006 - Penny Campaign for Peace

10/20/2006 - Ariana Afghan Airlines Attract Investment

10/20/2006 - Pomegranates Make Lucrative Alternative Crop

10/20/2006 - Girls Enjoy Football (Soccer) in Kabul

10/20/2006 - Afghan Girls Learning the Sound of Music

10/20/2006 - Immunization Campaign Helps Afghan Mothers and Infants

10/20/2006 - Corneal Transplant a First for Afghanistan

10/20/2006 - Embassy in the News: Secure Afghanistan

09/20/2006 - President Karzai Will Leave for the United States of America and Canada

- A Message to the People of the United States by H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan On the Occasion of the Fifth Anniversary of September 11

09/20/2006 - Ambassador Jawad speaks to Wolf Blitzer on CNN's Late Edition

09/20/2006 - President Hamid Karzai to Visit North America

09/20/2006 - Embassy Celebrates Independence Day

09/20/2006 - President Karzai Attends Tokyo Conference II

09/20/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Visits NY City to Discuss Security in Afghanistan

09/20/2006 - Afghanistan and Brazil Sign Cooperation Agreement

09/20/2006 - Afghanistan and Colombia Enhance Bilateral Relations

09/20/2006 - Foreign Minister Dr. Spanta Attends SAARC Council of Ministers

09/20/2006 - Enhancing the Effectiveness of PRTs in Afghanistan

09/20/2006 - Afghanistan in the Globalization Era

09/20/2006 - Embassy Celebrates the Launch of First Afghan-American Magazine

09/20/2006 - Afghanistan Since 9/11

09/20/2006 - Fashion Show Returns to Kabul

09/20/2006 - Herat Experiences Shakespeare

09/20/2006 - Afghan Poetry Delights the Nation’s Capitol

09/20/2006 - Afghan Soccer Enthusiasts Convene in DC Area

09/20/2006 - Time to Recommit to Afghanistan's Secure Futur

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