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Kid's Corner

For Teachers: Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan #3
Greetings Friends From Other Places

LESSON LENGTH: 2-3 hours
SUBJECT AREA: Geography/Social Studies

OBJECTIVES: Students will

  • imagine that a puppet is a new friend, and try different ways to befriend the puppet;

  • discuss why people react in different ways to greetings;

  • discuss different types of greetings, and learn how to greet people from other countries, including Afghanistan; and

  • write a letter to an imaginary friend in Afghanistan, telling him or her about their hometown.


  • Computer with Internet access (optional)

  • Puppet

  • Globe or political world map

  • Index cards


1. Review ways that students might say "Hello" to a new friend. Writing the ideas on the blackboard may reinforce reading skills. Some responses might be "How are you?" "What is your name?" or simply "Hi."

2. Using the puppet, tell the students that they will be meeting a new friend. But there's a catch: In order to make friends, they have to use a greeting that the puppet will respond to. (Before you begin this exercise, have a "magic phrase" in mind. For example, "How are you today?" or "My name is Shannon! What's your name?") Explain that you will invite each student to greet the puppet. Students should try to greet the puppet in a way that will make the puppet return their greeting.

3. If a child doesn't say the magic phrase, take the puppet to the next child. If a student says the magic phrase, the puppet should respond. Students can take multiple turns, if time allows. If a student selects the magic phrase, stop the exercise and ask the class to recall the greetings the puppet didn't answer. Ask, why didn't the puppet answer every greeting? Why do you think the puppet answered the magic phrase? Solicit answers that relate to the puppet only knowing what a few words mean, having a favorite way of talking, or being shy.

4. Explain that people in different parts of the world have different ways of saying hello. Invite student to think of greetings they have heard in other languages, as well. To listen to these and other foreign language student can go online (To listen to these and other foreign phrases, students can go online to Fodor's).

5. Locate Afghanistan on a political world map or a globe, and then point out the countries where the other greetings the class has discussed are used.

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