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Hakimi sees enduring US commitment to Afghanistan

Ambassador Hakimi sees enduring US commitment to Afghanistan

Afghan Envoy Coutions U.S. Against Bin Laden- Spurred Withdrawal of Troops

Hakimi sees enduring US commitment to Afghanistan

Planned Kabul Bank Sale Removes IMF Hurdle, Afghan Minisiter Says

Agreement reached with IMF on Kabul Bank: Zakhilwal

Afghan speaker keynotes conference

For Afghans, aid can save lives with disaster prevention

Afghanistan:Securing the Furture for Afghan Women

Afghanistan: Rethinking Humanitarian Assistance

Obama to meet Karzai in Lisbon

Afghan Embassy Welcomes Afghan Women Entrepreneurs

Afghan President Karzai Chairs Meeting on Private Security  Companies

Mrs. Khojesta Ebrahimkhel, Chargé d’Affaires, met with Secretary of State...

Haidari Discusses Parliamentary Elections on Al Jazeera

Staying the course in Afghanistan

Women are the Pillars of Afghanistan 

Afghans Need Americans' Support

What Let Kabul To Sack Ambassador To US?

Afghan Ambassador Said T. Jawad leaving his post in Washington

Afghanistan ambassador to U.S. ends service

Haidari on CNN Discussing Afghanistan's Mineral Wealth of $1 Trillion...

Karzai Not Two Faced About War On Terrorism

Gen. McChrystal Retires After 34 Years in D.C. Ceremony

It's the Afghan economy, stupid: Jobs and development will defeat the Taliban

Why Afghanistan is a worthy cause

Critics press Obama on Afghanistan withdrawal deadline

Letter to the Editor

AT& T in Afghanistan?

Is Afghanistan Worth Secruing?

Afghanistan seeks regional help for use of mineral

New survey points to major water problems in Kabul

Afghan mining road show set for London on June 25

Said T. JAWAD Golden Gate's Ambassador

Remembering the Fallen in Afghanistan

Remembering the Sacrifices of the Afghan People

Afghanistan’s Need for Security-Force Trainers

Said T. JAWAD Golden Gate's Ambassador

Ambassador Calls for Global Support of Afghanistan's Women

A new chance for women

Letter to the editor: Give Karzai a break

02.18.2010- Strengthening the Afghan State must be Donors’ Top Priority

01.12.2010- Avoiding Civlian Casulties Key to Defeating the Taliban



01.30.2009- Ambassadors' panel at Mar-a-Lago: Restoring Haiti

12.10.2009- Afghanistan Ambassador Speaks Out On U.S. Troop Surge(Johns Hopkins University)

12.04.2009- Ambassador Jawad: 18 Months Enough Time To Train Forces (NPR)

12.19.2009 - C-SPAN Washington Journal: U.S. policy in Afghanistan

12.17.2009 - BBC World News: The Main Source of Insecurity in Afghanistan

12.14.2009- Ambassador Jawad delivered the keynote address on the way forward in Afghanistan

12.08.2009- BBC World News: US & NATO new strategy in Afghanistan

12.05.2009- National Post: Clock is ticking; The Afghan army needs to be ready for U.S. troops to leave

12.04.2009- Secretary Clinton Records Two Videos To Reach Afghan and Pakistani Audiences(U.S.State Department)

12.03.2009- Stars & Stripes: Analysis - Afghanistan timeline provokes concerns

12.02.2009- NPR: Thousands More Troops Headed To Afghanistan

12.02.2009- New US Afghan Strategy Raises Questions (VOANews)

12.02.2009- NPR: Cash will be key weapon in Afghanistan

12.01.2009- New America Media: More Troops Won’t End War in

11.12.2009- Ambassador Jawad marks Veterns Day (washingtontimes)

11.25.2009- Afghan envoy sees security handover in five years

11.11.2009 - World Leaders to attend Karzai's swearing-in

11.09.2009 - Haidari Speaks at the U.S. National Defense Intelligence College

11.05.2009 - How to launch a succesfull anti'-curruption Drive in Afghanistan (huffingtonpost)

11.05.2009-  Q&A with Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad (The

11.05.2009-  Success in Afghanistan requires firm commitment (Pajhwok Afghan News)

11.02.2009 - Afghan minister receives award in Colombia (Pajhwok Afghan News)

11.03.2009 - Jawad seeks Columbia's support on terror, narcotics

11.03.2009 - What Afghanistan wants ( The

10.28.2009 - Speaker urges Research on Afghanistan ( The Bullet)

10.21.2009 -Afghan Election in Context

10.16.2009 - Afghanistan Ambassador to U.S sees runoff (CNN)

10.16.2009 - Afghanistan Ambassador expects runoff (Los Angeles Times)

10.16.2009 - Karzai's ambassador to the US says run-off a 'likely scenario' (France 24)

10.16.2009 - Karzai Aide Says Afghan Runoff Vote Appears Likely (Turkish Weekly)

10.16.2009 - Runoff election likely, Afghan ambassador says (The Boston Globe)

10.15.2009 - Afghanistan Ambassador expects runoff (USAToday)

10.15.2009 - Afghan envoy says run-off likely (BBC)

10.09.2009 - Afghanistan Ambassador Warns of Worsening Violence (PBS TV )

10.09.2009 - Afghan envoy urges 40,000 more U.S. troops (Reuters )

10.06.2009 - Send more troops, Afghan urges U.S Envoy says thank-you to LR crowd

(Arkansas Mathers)

10.06.2009- Send more troops, Afghan urges U.S. Envoy says thank-you to LR crowd ( Little Rock Newspapers )

10.05.2009 - Afghan ambassador supports more US troops (USAToday)

10.05.2009 - Afghanistan 'supports US troop bid' (UKPA)

10.05.2009- Extended Interview With Afghan Ambassador Said (TodaysTHV )

10.05.2009- Afghanistan Ambassador: We Need More Troops(Arkansas Mathers)( Washington Times)

09.24.2009 - Rebuilding Afghanistan: The Role of Provincial Reconstruction Teams

09.21.2009 - From Afghanistan to Elon: An Update On The War ( Phoenix 14 News)

09.18.2009 - Afghan official brings optimistic message to Elon(Burlington Times News)

09.18.2009- Diplomat praises U.S. for improvements in Afghanistan (E-Net Headlines )

09.16.2009 - Afghan embassy speaker brings national debate to Elon(The Pendulum)

09.14.2009 - Education and Healthcare Key to Afghanistan’s Secure Future

09.11.2009- Rescue Operation in Afghanistan( Washington Times)( Washington Times)

09.10.2009- Afghanistan at the Brink (International Herald Tribune)

09.09.2009- Afghanistan: The Short and Long View ( KQED Public Radio)

09.09.2009- What lies ahead on the Afghan road? ( New York Times)

09.01.2009- JIPO-Beyond the Elections: Key Lessons for International  Peacekeeping  in Afghanistan

08.28.2009- Ambassador Jawad Hails Kennedy as Friend of Afghanistan

08.26.2009- Afghanistan's Economy Bloo Except for the clothes ms

08.22.2009 - "Despite Challanges, Afghan Election Still A Success"

08/19/2009 - Afghan Maturity( Washington Times)

08/28/2009 - How will NATO Protect Voters?(CSM)

08/18/2009 - Afghan Election Rising Hopes ( USA Today)

07/10/2009 - A head of vote, Afghans back candidates from afar (WP)

07/10/2009 - The Forgotten Plight of IDPs in Afghanistan (Asia Chronicle)

05/14/2009 - Education is the Key to Empowering Women (International Affairs Forum)

05/06/2009 - Afg. Ambassador Says U.S. Definitely Behind U.S. Casualties (ABC)

03/31/2009 - Righting the Wrong Perceptions About Afghanistan (Middle East Times)

03/27/2009 - Securing Afghanistan: The War of Perceptions (International Affairs Forum)

03/27/2009 - Afghanistan: How to Win the War on Drugs (EurasiaNet)

03/11/2009 - Afghans Support International Forces (Quqnoos)

03/04/2009 - Afghan Translator Finds Refuge, but Few Benefits in U.S. (NewsHour)

02/03/2009 - Afghanistan - Can Obama Succeed? (CNN)

01/14/2009 - U.S. Afghan Tribe Plan 'Risky' (BBC)


12/26/2008 - Afghanistan Works to Eradicate Poppy Trade (ABC 7)

12/16/2008 - New President to Face Volatile South Asia (VOA)

12/09/2008 - Afghan Embassy Deputy Chief Says the Country is Improving (KCPW)

12/08/2008 - Afghanistan: Security, Development and Relations with the U.S. (BYU)

12/01/2008 - Laura Bush Urges Continued US Support for Afghanistan (VOA)

11/20/2008 - Afghan Official: Engaging Taliban 'Necessary Evil' (NPR)

11/14/2008 - Questions Over Engaging Taliban (Online NewsHour)

11/09/2008 - Will Obama Sign Off on New Afghan Strategy? (NPR)

11/05/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Interviewed on BBC World News (BBC)

10/31/2008 - Public Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities for Engagement in Afghanistan

10/24/2008 - US Finds Significant Reduction in Afghan Poppy Crop (VOA)

10/21/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad Speaks to KQED Radio about Hidden Treasures

10/14/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad Interviews with Bloomberg TV

09/30/2008 - Roundtable on the U.S.-Afghan Strategic Dialogue with Political Counselor (VOA)

08/11/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad Interviewed by Diplomatic Courier

08/08/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad Interviewed by Washington Independent

07/30/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad Interviewed by Huffington Post

07/17/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad Speaks to PRI's The World

07/14/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

07/02/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad Featured on PBS Newshour

06/23/2008 - NPR Features Afghan Cuisine and Interviews Mrs. Shamim Jawad

06/18/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad Speaks with Al Hurra TV (Arabic)

06/13/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Interviews with VOA on ANDS

06/12/2008 - Political Counselor Haidari Discusses Paris Conference with Bridges TV

05/19/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad speaks with the Christian Science Monitor

02/28/2008 - CATO Institute Podcast with Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad

02/22/2008 - Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad Speaks with Daljit Dhaliwal on Foreign Exchange

02/15/2008 - This Is America Interviews Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad

01/16/2008 - VOA Profiles A Day in the Life of Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad

01/15/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Kabul Serena Hotel Bombing on PRI's The World

12/18/2007 - Political Counselor Masood Aziz and CNN Terrorism Analyst Peter Bergen at DC Premiere of the Kite Runner

11/11/2007 - VOA Farsi Interviews Political Counselor Ashraf Haidari on Afghan Refugees in Iran

11/11/2007 - VOA Radio Ashna Discusses Situation of Afghan Refugees in Iran with Political Counselor Haidari

11/05/2007 - Charles Goyette Speaks with Ambassador Jawad on KFNX Radio (audio)

10/31/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Responds to Student Questions on

10/05/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Participates in Live Online Chat with

10/05/2007 - Speaks with Ambassador Jawad

08/27/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Responds to Afghanistan's Ranking on Foreign Policy Magazine's Failed States Index (video)

08/14/2007 - Diane Rehm Discusses Perspectives on Afghanistan with Ambassador Said Jawad

08/07/2007 - National Public Radio's Morning Edition Discusses President Karzai's Visit to Camp David with Ambassador Said Jawad

08/07/2007 - VOA Farsi speaks with Political Counselor Ashraf Haidari on Iran-Afghan Relations

08/06/2007 - VOA Urdu speaks with Political Counselor Ashraf Haidari on the Peace Jirgas

08/06/2007 - VOA Ashna discusses President Karzai's visit to Camp David with Political Counselor Ashraf Haidari

07/24/2007 - Ambassador Jawad speaks to Voice of America about the legacy of the Former King (Dari Video)

07/24/2007 - Ambassador Jawad speaks to Voice of America about the legacy of the Former King (Pashto Video)

07/19/2007 - Talking Points Memo TV Interviews Ambassador Jawad Part 2 (video)

07/18/2007 - Talking Points Memo TV Interviews Ambassador Jawad Part 1 (video)

07/10/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks with Political Blog Captain's Quarters (audio)

06/12/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Strategy at New America Foundation

05/24/2007 - VOA Ashna TV Discusses Counter-Narcotics with Counselor Haidari (video)

04/22/2007 - CBS 5 San Francisco Interviews Ambassador Jawad (video)

04/18/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks to the San Francisco Chronicle (audio)

04/17/2007 - Finance Minister Ahadi on CSPAN (video)

03/05/2007 - KXLY TV Discusses U.S.-Afghanistan Partnership with Ambassador Jawad (video)

02/14/2006 - Thunderbird World Views Discusses the Role of Women in Afghanistan's Reconstruction with Ambassador Jawad (video)

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01/16/2007 - Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria Speaks to Ambassador Jawad (video)

11/07/2006 - Voice of America Speaks to First Secretary Ashraf Haidari (video-Dari)

10/25/2007 - Afghanistan Update (

10/09/2006 - Voice of America Speaks to Ambassador Jawad (audio)

09/25/2006 - President Karzai at the Woodrow Wilson Center (video)

07/17/2006 - NPR's Kojo Nnamdi Speaks to Ambassador Jawad (audio)

06/29/2006 - NPR's Talk of the Nation Speaks to Ambassador Jawad (audio)

06/07/2006 - WUIS Public Radio Speaks to Ambassador Jawad (audio)

05/10/2006 - BBC Radio Speaks to Ambassador Jawad (audio)




08/08/2009 - Jawad Calls Mehsud's Death a Major Achievement (Pajhwok)

08/01/2009 - As War Effort, Election Ramp Up, Envoy Assumes High Profile (Wash. Dipl.)

07/27/2009 - Afghans Thankful (Washington Times)

07/17/2009 - Implementation of Af-Pak Policy on Right Track: Jawad (Pajhwok)

07/13/2009 - The Challenges We Face (Washington Times)

06/24/2009 - Will Afghanistan's Elections be Fair? (Politico)

06/18/2009 - Talibanned Artifacts on Display (New York Post)

06/17/2009 - The Way to Win in Afghanistan (Washington Times)

06/16/2009 - Rediscovered Afghan Gold Comes to New York (Reuters)

06/10/2009 - When Civilians Are Killed in Afghanistan (The New York Times)

06/09/2009 - Kabul's K Street Project (Mother Jones)

06/02/2009 - In Afghanistan, Time is Running Out, Pentagon Worries (CSM)

05/27/2009 - The Way Forward for Afghan Women (Baltimore Sun)

05/13/2009 - Change to Believe In? (Washington Times)

05/13/2009 - Envoy Wants Safe Havens To Go (Pajhwok)

05/04/2009 - Kabul Ready to Discuss Any Issue at Trilateral Summit (Pajhwok)

04/28/2009 - Obama Leads by Listening to the World (Bloomberg)

04/27/2009 - Pakistani Army Not Committed to Terror Fight (Pajhwok)

04/11/2009 - Afghanistan Won't Legalize Forced Marital Sex (Bloomberg)

04/10/2009 - Afghan Envoy Defends U.S. Raids (Al Jazeera)

04/09/2009 - Pakistan, Afghan Envoys Speak on War Plan (AFP)

04/05/2009 - Correcting Perceptions (Washington Times)

03/27/2009 - Obama to Boost Forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan Aid (Bloomberg)

03/25/2009 - Taliban Threat (Washington Times)

03/23/2009 - Obama Plan Would Link Pakistan Aid to Taliban Fight (Bloomberg)

03/21/2009 - Zia Visits Brasilia to Strengthen Ties with Brazil (Pajhwok)

03/12/2009 - Afghan Envoy Assails Western Allies (Washington Post)

03/12/2009 - Afghan Ambassador Speaks (Harvard Crimson)

03/12/2009 - Afghan Envoy Urges More U.S. Troops (Boston Globe)

03/05/2009 - Lawmakers Announce Plan to Seek Trade Preferences for Afg. (CQ)

02/27/2009 - Afghanistan Urges More Support in Talks with U.S. (Bloomberg)

02/20/2009 - Afghan Delegates Likely to Have In-Depth Talks in U.S. (Pajhwok)

02/20/2009 - Kabul Welcomes U.S. Troop Surge (Pajhwok)

02/04/2009 - Russia, Allies Offer to Assist U.S. in Afghanistan (Bloomberg)

01/21/2009 - Looking Forward to Working with Obama: Jawad (Pajhwok)

01/14/2009 - Afghanistan Faces 'Very Hard, Deterrmined Enemy' (Palm Beach Daily News)


12/12/2008 - The Value of State-Building vs. the Cost of Nation-Neglecting in Afghanistan (DC)

12/11/2008 - In Our View: Can Obama Solve Afghanistan? (Daily Herald)

12/09/2008 - Afghan Diplomat Stresses Ties with U.S. (Daily Herald)

12/08/2008 - Afghanistan Needs More Help From Intl. Community (Emory Report)

12/08/2008 - Four Countries' Relations will Decide Region's Future (World Politics Review)

12/04/2008 - U.S. Presses Pakistan for Help (Wall Street Journal)

12/04/2008 - A Gateway for Converts to Jihad (Wall Street Journal)

12/04/2008 - Afghan Envoy Receives Peace Award (Pajhwok)

12/01/2008 - No Power-Sharing with Taliban: Jawad (Pajhwok)

11/21/2008 - Middle-Schoolers Quiz Afghan Ambassador (Orlando Sentinel)

11/20/2008 - Taliban Gains Strength and Influence in Afghanistan (WSJ)

11/17/2008 - Trilateral Meeting Significant for Afghanistan: Jawad (Pajhwok)

11/06/2008 - Embassy Row: Afghan Appeal (Washington Times)

10/29/2008 - Petreus Takes Over 'Longest Campaign' (Financial Times)

10/28/2008 - President Karzai Deserves Recognition - Ambassador Jawad (Pajhwok)

10/27/2008 - Review - 'The War Briefing' on Frontline (Los Angeles Times)

10/26/2008 - Given up as Lost, Treasures make Triumphant Return (Contra Costa Times)

10/25/2008 - Poppy Cultivation Drops in Afghanistan (Pajhwok)

10/24/2008 - Opium production down in Afghanistan: US (AFP)

10/07/2008 - A Way Through the Afghan Labyrinth (Asia Times)

09/25/2008 - Pakistan and Afghanistan Unite Against Terrorism (Wall Street Journal)

09/12/2008 - NPS Hosts Diverse Array of Speakers at LDESP Seminar (NPS)

09/11/2008 - Seven Years On, Terrorism Still Threatens Afghanistan (Middle East Times)

09/11/2008 - Afghanistan: Remembering Afghan Refugees (EurasiaNet)

09/01/2008 - States of Failure (Foreign Policy)

08/27/2008 - Embassy Row - 'In Afghanistan' (Washington Times)

08/25/2008 - Texas' Soldier-Farmers Seek to Remake Afghan Farming (Dallas Star-Telegram)

08/08/2008 - Afghanistan Seeks NATO Funds for Troops (Financial Times)

08/03/2008 - Away We Go: Discover Afghanistan's Hidden Treasures (The Capital)

07/21/2008 - Security in Afghanistan (New York Times)

07/03/2008 - Peace Deals that Destabilize Afghanistan (Middle East Times)

07/03/2008 - Securing Afghanistan (Washington Times)

07/01/2008 - All is Not Lost (Washington Diplomat)

06/18/2008 - Joanne Herring's War (Washington Times)

06/15/2008 - Afghanistan's Opium Dilemma (Bangkok Post)

06/12/2008- OP-ED - Emerging Democracy (Washington Times)

06/12/2008 - Aid Effectiveness Key to Addressing Rebuilding Challenges (EurasiaNet)

06/11/2008 - Training Afghan Narcotics Officers (Middle East Times)

06/11/2008 - For Afghanistan's Secure Future (Korea Times)

06/11/2008 - Securing Afghanistan's Future in Paris (Middle East Times)

06/10/2008 - An Opportunity to Address Afghanistan’s Key Rebuilding Challenges (International Affairs Forum)

06/08/2008 - Militants' Rise in Pakistan Points to Opportunities Lost (Los Angeles Times)

05/23/2008 - Afghanistan shares 'Hidden Treasures' of its culture (USA Today)

05/23/2008 - Silent Survivors of Afghanistan’s 4,000 Tumultuous Years (New York Times)

05/22/2008 - Afghanistan's Hidden Treasures Go On Display in US (AFP)

05/21/2008 - Hidden Treasures (Washington Times)

05/21/2008 - Afghanistan's Treasures: Something Worth Fighting For (Washington Post)

05/21/2008 - Narcotics in Islam (Middle East Times)

05/16/2008 - Afghan official says American support won't falter after U.S. election (Christian Science Monitor)

05/16/2008 - OP ED: Afghan Aid that Works (Christian Science Monitor)

05/14/2008 - Rice, Spanta sign Afghan-US joint declaration ( Pahjwok Afghan News)

05/14/2008 - Winning the Afghan Opium War (Middle East Times)

05/14/2008 - To Guard Afghan Treasure, Silence Golden (Chicago Tribune)

05/01/2008 - Poppy, Poverty and the Taliban (Journal of International Peace Operations - pdf, pg. 22-23)

04/22/2008 - OP ED: Afghanistan: Forget Me Not (The Hill)

04/15/2008 - Ahadi: Afghanistan’s Economic Fortunes (

04/09/2008 - NATO's Most Critical Mission (Pajhwok)

04/09/2008 - Letter to the Editor: Fixing Afghanistan (Washington Times)

04/09/2008 - Letter to the Editor: Help that Afghans Need Now (Washington Post)

04/02/2008 - Afghanistan to ask NATO for bigger army of its own (Christian Science Monitor)

04/01/2008 - OP ED: More NATO Troops and Trainers Needed to Defeat the Taliban (Eurasia Insight)

03/21/2008 - Letter to the Editor: Afghan mission: NATO's raison d'etre (Baltimore Sun)

03/11/2008 - Haidari Urges Canada to Stay in Afghanistan (McGill)

03/11/2008 - Afghanistan ICT Sector Focus of Attention at CEBIT (Asia Pulse)

03/07/2008 - OP ED: Equal Human Rights (Washington Times)

03.02.2008 – Women’s Gains at Risk in Afghanistan (The Culture and Conflict Review)

02/29/2008 - Conflict Zones Sometimes Mean Investment Opportunities (International Herald Tribune)

02/28/2008 - The Man in the Middle: Q&A with Ambassador Jawad (Monocle Magazine)

02/25/2008 - GW Brief: Ambassador of Afghanistan (GW Hatchet)

02/22/2008 - Iran Raises the Heat in Afghanistan (Time Magazine)

02/18/2008 - Letter to the Editor: Hamid Karzai's Leadership (Washington Post)

01/25/2008 - OP ED: Afghanistan: The Silk Road to Opportunities (Diplomatic Traffic)

01/25/2008 - OP ED: Afghanistan: Beyond the Security Issues the Economy is Booming (

01/23/2008 - Drugs and Islam (

12/21/2007 - Afghanistan, Sharing Its Treasures (Washington Post)

12/21/2007 - Treasures from Afghanistan to Tour the United States (New York Times)

12/16/2007 - Afghanistan Needs More Foreign Troops, Says Kabul's U.S. Envoy (Pahjwok)

12/14/2007 - Restoring Rule of Law in Afghanistan (The Salt Lake Tribune)

12/06/2007 - ANA to Receive 100,000 ANA Rifles: Afghan Envoy (Pajhwok News)

11/26/2007 - Not Iraq (Anchorage Daily News)

11/21/2007 - Afghan Ambassador Details Successes, Struggles (Juneau Empire)

11/17/2007 - Mineral Wealth Seen as Big Plus (Washington Times)

11/13/2007 - Not Quiet on the Forgotten Front (National Journal)

11/06/2007 - Letter to the Editor: Success in Afghanistan (International Herald Tribune)

11/06/2007 - Afghan Official: bin Ladin in Pakistan (

10/24/2007 - Shattered Glass and Firnee (

10/27/2007 - OP ED: Women: The Pillars of Afghanistan (CACI Analyst)

10/11/2007 - Afghan Ambassador Jawad Speaks (Afghanistanica)

10/05/2007 - Afghan Dreaming (Washington Times)

09/20/2007 - Pak military lacks commitment to deal with terrorists, says Afghan envoy to US (

09/19/2007 - Afghanistan 6 Years On

09/18/2007 - Movie Night at the White House (Austin American Statesman)

09/17/2007 - Reaching His Prime Time in Afghanistan (Washington Post)

09/06/2007 - Church Helps Afghan Teen Receive Surgery (Statesville Record)

09/04/2007 - Commentary: Taliban Wins in Opium War (Chicago Tribune)

09/02/2007 - The Birth of al Qaedastan (Hindustan Times)

09/02/2007 - Deaths of Guardsmen Hurts Pennsylvannians (The Morning Call)

08/28/2007 - Foreign Affairs Publishes Letter to the Editor from Ambassador Jawad

08/28/2007 - Muslim & Korean Leaders Meet with Afghan Consul to Call for Release of Korean Hostages

08/27/2007 - Op Ed: Help Wean Afghans from Poppy Crop (Baltimore Sun)

08/24/2007 - Afghan Independence Day Celebrated in Washington (Pakistan Chronicle)

08/24/2007 - The Washington Hispanic Features Embassy's Afghan Independence Day Party

08/17/2007 - Is Osama bin Ladin in One of Pakistan's Caves? (WTOP News)

08/17/2007 - The Business of Suicide Bombers (WTOP News)

08/12/2007 - How a 'Good War' in Afghanistan Went Bad (New York Times)

08/09/2007 - Afghanistan: The Challenges (The South Asian Life & Times)

08/07/2007 - Bush Vows to Win Afghan War and Bring Al Qaeda Honchos 'to Justice' (New York Daily News)

08/06/2007 - 'Hoosier' strives to help Afghanistan rebuild: Embassy counselor's attempts to help his people, inspire IU student intern

07/30/2007 - Taliban Losing (Washington Times)

07/30/2007 - Many Attend Fateha for Former King in US, Canada

07/27/2007 - Khalilzad, Diplomats Admire Late Zahir Shah

07/14/2007 - Militias, Graft Stall Afghan Roadways (Washington Times)

07/10/2007 - My Interview with the Afghan Ambassador, and Yours (Captains Quarters)

07/03/2007 - Afghan Ambassador Calls for More Efforts to Protect Civilians (VOA)

06/27/2007 - Political Counselor M. Ashraf Haidari Responds to Readers' Quesitons on Development Gateway Online (pdf)

06/20/2007 - Anatomy of a Suicide Bomber (

06/20/2007 - Targeted for Violence, Schools Still Making Strides in Afghanistan (Education Week)

06/11/2007 - Afghan Envoy Warns Against Joining Taliban (UPI)

06/08/2007 - Danger Room: Afghan Ambassador Speaks (

06/07/2007 - Aschiana Kite Soiree Continues to Soar (Washington Diplomat)

05/23/2007 - OP ED: Canada Needs to Keep its Troops in Afghanistan (

05/14/2007 - For First-Timers, Match is a Lesson in Polo 101

04/24/2007 - Embassy Row: Fruit of the Vine (Washington Times)

04/22/2007 - Could Afghanistan Be the Next Iraq? (San Francisco Chronicle)

04/18/2007 - Ambassador: Afghanistan Needs More Security (Daily Californian)

04/18/2007 - Transnational Mafia Pushes Drugs Production

04/18/2007 - Envoy Plants Vine for Peace in California

04/18/2007 - Berkeley: Afghanistan's Ambassador Says His Country is Progressing Despite Terror (KPIX TV)

04/18/2007 - Meanwhile, In Afghanistan (San Francisco Chronicle)

04/17/2007 - Afghan Ambassador Talks Future (CBS 5)

04/06/2007 - Afghan Officials Concerned About Effectiveness of Foreign Aid (Scripps Howard News Wire)

04/05/2007 - Afghan Ambassador: Country Needs Better Relations with Neighbors, Stronger Institutions (Scripps Howard News Wire)

04/03/2007 - Embassy Row: Afghan Grateful (Washington Times)

03/29/2007 - Embassy Row: Securing Trade (Washington Times)

03/28/2007 - Afghan diplomat addresses US intelligence officers (Pahjwok)

03/27/2007 - Five Years On (UC  Davis International Affairs Journal)

03/16/2007 - Envoy hopeful of Congressional approval of ROZs

03/15/2007 - US Government, People, Committed to Afghanistan (Pajhwok)

03/15/2007 - International Security Forces, Afghan Authorities Working to Investigate Jalalabad Incident: Haidari (Pajhwok)

03/07/2007 - Editorial: Our View, A Friend in Need (Spokesman Review)

03/05/2007 - Afghan Ambassador Thanks Fairchild Airmen (Air Force Link)

03/01/2007 - Taliban Plans Own Surge (

03/01/2007 - The Capital Interview: Said Tayeb Jawad (

02/28/2007 - Afghan Ambassador to Speak at Gonzaga (Spokesman Review)

02/28/2007 - Rebuilding a Nation (Pacific Northwest Inlander)

02/22/2007 - Official: Pakistan Can Counter Terror (Associated Press)

02/20/2007 - Rugs to Riches (Washington Times)

02/29/2007 - Afghan Official Discusses War, Drug Economy (Daily Orange)

02/16/2007 - Afghan Official Confronts Apathy to War (The Daily Orange)

02/12/2007 - A Celebration for Afghan's World-Renowned Rugs (VOA)

02/07/2007 - Meanwhile, Back in Afghanistan (

02/06/2007 - Aid to Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal)

02/06/2007 - OP ED:  The Taliban in Pakistan (Wall Street Journal)

02/06/2007 - OP ED:  Nation-Building or Nation-Neglecting? (San Francisco Chronicle)

02/04/2007 - Editorial: Don't Forget Afghanistan

02/04/2007 - Will Spring Bring a Bloody Offensive in Afghanistan? (Infozine)

01/26/2007 - Can More Aid Save Afghanistan (Time)

01/23/2007 - Afghan Ambassador Predicts a 'Bloody Spring' (Newsweek)

01/08/2007 - Heroin from Afghanistan Returning to U.S. Cities (Miami Herald)

01/04/2007 - Time to End the Taliban's Safe Havens (Washington Post)

01/02/2007 - Young Diplomats in DC Tackle Big-Time Roles (Washington Diplomat)

12/19/2006 - The War in Afghanistan (NY Times)

12/14/2006 - OP ED: Rebuilding Afghanistan, The Diaspora's Debt of Service

12/12/2006 - Politics & Economics: Common Ground in Afghanistan? (Wall Street Journal)

12/06/2006 - Rights of Afghan Women, Children Improved (Oh My News)

12/06/2006 - First Lady Announces GU-Afghan Pact (The Hoya)

12/05/2006 - Renewed Taliban Insurgency Straining Pak-Afghan Ties (VOA)

12/05/2006 - Pentagon Resists Pleas For Help in Afghan Opium Fight (LA Times)

12/04/2006 - Georgetown University to Partner in Afghanistan Outreach (USINFO)

11/22/2006 - Afghan Entrepreneuses (National Review Online)

11/13/2006 - Afghanistan's Ambassador Stresses the Need for Economic Help (GW Hatchet)

11/13/2006 - Afghan Ambassador Talks Business (Daily Colonial)

11/08/2006 - Afghan Praises U.S. (Orlando Sentinel)

11/07/2006 - Afghan Envoy Thanks America (Florida Times Union)

10/29/2006 - Pennsylvania Medical Gifts Will Help Afghanistan Heal

10/26/2006 - Ambassador Jawad on FOX News (transcript)

10/24/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Interview in Zeba Magazine

10/12/2006 - Embassy Row: Five Years Later (Washington Times)

10/06/2006 - Afghanistan Five Years Later (Associated Press)

10/03/2006 - Afghanistan and the War on Terror (Online NewsHour)

09/29/2006 - Radical Teachings in Pakistan Schools (Boston Globe)

09/29/2006 - Bush Tackles Critics on Afghan Policy (Financial Times)

09/29/2006 - NATO Agrees to Lead Allies in All Afghanistan (Reuters)

09/29/2006 - Pakistan to Boost Security Cooperation: Afghan (Reuters)

09/29/2006 - Afghan, Pakistani Leaders Plan Visits (Washington Times)

09/28/2006 - Jirga Accords at White House (Dawn)

09/14/2006 - Penny Campaign to Turn Afghan Minefields Into Playgrounds

09/11/2006 - Afghan Envoy Seeks Military, Financial Aid (Washington Times)

09/10/2006 - U.S. defends Pakistan's hunt for bin Laden; Afghan official says terror leader in Pakistan (International Herald Tribune)

09/10/2006 - US Officials Downplay Taleban Resurgence in Afghanistan (Washington Times)

09/10/2006 - A Long, Winding Road (Fort Worth Star Telegram)

09/08/2006 - Embassy Row: Afghanistan Original Front in War on Terror (Washington Times)

09/07/2006 - Afghan progress reported - International support key, Ambassador Says (Dallas Morning News)

09/06/2006 - Afghanistan Needs More Than Military Aid (Fort Worth Star Telegram)

09/05/2006 - Afghan Ambassador Says He Doubts bin Laden is in His Country (Associated Press)

09/05/2006 - Secure Afghanistan

08/31/2006 - U.S. officials grapple with worsening narcotics trade in Afghanistan

08/21/2006 - Afghan Embassy Hosts Independence Day Observance

08/20/2006 - Hunt Bin Laden in major cities - envoy

08/20/2006 - Afghan Iraqistan - Insurgents mire U.S. on second front

08/12/2006 - Airline Terror Plot: Pakistan Stays a Terrorism Source --- Extremist Islamic Groups Rooted in Kashmir Dispute Join Attacks Against West

08/10/2006 - Afghan Embassy Hosts Rug Delegation, Magazine Launch

08/09/2006 - Embassy Row: Kabul-Bogota front

08/08/2006 - Bogotá set to assist in Kabul’s drugs battle

08/07/2006 - Embassy OP ED:  Time to Recommit to Afghanistan’s Secure Future

08/03/2006 - Editorial: Securing Afghanistan

07/21/2006 - Afghan envoy cheerleader for his country, U.S. - Said T. Jawad wants Americans to know how important their investment is in his country

07/21/2006 - Afghanistan is halfway down a new road: The progress that's been made could be lost if the world's support falters

07/14/2006 - The Diplomatic Pouch: An Interview with Ambassador Said Jawad of Afghanistan

07/07/2006 - Afghan defense forces must be stronger, foreign minister says

07/07/2006 - Afghans Eyeing NATO Military Performance: Diplomats

07/07/2006 - Confidence lags in Afghanistan as violence rises

06/30/2006 - Geology Might Reshape Economic Landscape: Afghan Study Boosts Resource View

06/27/2006 - 'IT'S GOING TO BE A HOT SUMMER': Ambassador addresses violence

06/27/2006 - Investing in Afghanistan falls short: Afghan ambassador talks of the need for more money

06/24/2006 - Afghans could turn to supervised militias to deal with violence

06/21/2006 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Interviewed by Michael Holmes on CNN's "Your World Today"

06/19/2006 - Embassy Row: Afghanistan Inc.

06/18/2006 - Unlikely allies: U.S., Iran separately fighting a common foe -- the Afghan drug trade

06/13/2006 - The Challenges of State Building in Afghanistan

06/13/2006 - Seven Questions: Saving Afghanistan

06/09/2006 - Glamour Hero of the Month July 2006

06/07/2006 - Ambassador: Two Illinois schools a vital resource for Afghanistan

06/04/2006 - Drug lord's demand of Afghan girl spurs horror

06/03/2006 - Afghan Soldiers Ready to Fight Drug Trade

06/02/2006 - Afghan official: Rioting after fatal truck crash was premeditated

06/02/2006 - Ambassador predicts Taliban ferocity

05/30/2006 - Embassy Row: Go Fly a Kite

05/25/2006 - Afghanistan Panel Raises Questions about Nation’s Future

05/24/2006 - In Delaware, Ambassador Says Fight Not Over

05/15/2006 - Embassy Row: Taliban Threat

05/14/2006 - Afghan ambassador: Economic growth, security key to stopping drug trade

05/12/2006 - First-ever joint military drills in Pakistan

05/12/2006 - Afghan Envoy Says Taliban Strength Growing

05/09/2006 - AFGHANISTAN: Saving Afghanistan's cultural heritage

05/08/2006 - Ill Afghan Boy Heads to U.S. for Surgery

04/21/2006 - Embassy Row: Hollow cavities

03/24/2006 - Bay Area residents react to Afghan official's ouster

03/16/2006 - First Lady Toasts Afghan Author

03/14/2006 - Scientists find big Afghan oil resources

03/09/2006 - Ambassador Addresses Colgate Community

03/08/2006 - EXPERT PERSPECTIVE: M. Ashraf Haidari on Afghanistan Reconstruction

03/06/2006 - Embassy Responds to President Musharraf's Criticism on CNN

02/27/2006 - Maryam Qudrat Addresses Students at Kansas State

02/13/2006 - H.E. Ambassador Said Jawad Attends Opera Gala

02/13/2006 - H.E. Ambassador Jawad Attends Commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

02/08/2006 - Afghanistan Needs a Strong Commitment

02/01/2006 - Diplomat Claims Racism at Cab Firm

02/01/2006 - Rice pledges $1 billion in U.S. aid


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