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The First Meeting of the New Cabinet Convenes
Office of the Spokesman to the President


Arg, Kabul - H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, chaired the first meeting of the new cabinet which was held this morning at the Gulkhana Palace.

The President thanked the Members of Parliament for approving the proposed cabinet ministers regardless of ethnic and factional considerations.

During the meeting the President said “Your performances will be closely scrutinized by the people of Afghanistan, Members of Parliament and the International Community, so I urge you to do your utmost to improve the living conditions of the people of Afghanistan.”

“You will only succeed in your job when you perform your responsibilities with diligence and efficiency and improve the living conditions of the people of Afghanistan.”

The President urged the cabinet ministers to protect public property and to avoid squandering it.

In order to ensure optimum transparency, the President instructed the cabinet ministers to register all their movable and unmovable property with the Government and formally announce it through the media. This will form the basis of people’s judgment about members of the cabinet in the future.

The President instructed the cabinet ministers to consider the principles of meritocracy and employ qualified people based on the merits of full and open competition.

The President urged the cabinet ministers to fully concentrate on the full implementation of the Afghanistan Interim National Development Strategy within the defined timeframe.

The President urged the cabinet ministers to pursue the policy of achieving a balanced development throughout the country and to ensure that all provinces of Afghanistan benefit the Government’s development projects.

The President also said “The enemies of Afghanistan have recently been trying to deprive the youth of Afghanistan of their right to education by burning schools and we must do our utmost to protect the schools.

The President also instructed that religious schools must be built in all provinces of Afghanistan thus enabling the youth of Afghanistan to learn religious subjects in their respective provinces.

The President emphasized the enlightening role of media in promoting public awareness, reflecting the realities of Afghanistan and sustaining democracy.

All cabinet ministers were assigned to prepare an itemized list of priorities for their Ministry and present it to the next cabinet meeting.


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