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President Karzai Returns to Kabul after His Visit to the Province of Zabul
Office of the Spokesperson for the President


Arg, Kabul - H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, returned to Kabul this evening after his visit to the province of Zabul where he inaugurated the Zabul regional teaching hospital, a mosque and a religious school.

The regional teaching hospital was built with $2 million in funding from the Red Crescent Society of the United Arab Emirates. This facility can hold up to 130 patients and includes a Level 1 trauma center, the highest possible classification of care. It also has major and minor surgery facilities and care perform pediatric and neo-natal care, and full-service dental care.

The hospital will provide the middle provinces of Afghanistan with a full-service hospital with state-of-the-art equipment. In the future, two more hospitals will be built in the province of Zabul to provide healthcare to the people. The religious school was also built with the assistance from the United Arab Emirates.

During this visit, the President also visited the Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) in Qalat to assess the impact of their assistance to the people of Zabul. The PRT is involved in a wide range of activities, including vocational training, carpet weaving and computer training.

The President, on behalf of the people of Afghanistan, thanked the people and Government of the United Arab Emirates for their generous assistance to the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The President met with soldiers from the 205th National Army support battalion, enquired about their problems and instructed the battalion commander to look into their needs.

While speaking to a group of medical staff, Government officials and the local people, the President called on the people of Zabul to educate their children in modern sciences.

The President addressed a public gathering in Zabul and said, “Upon my arrival in Zabul, I saw young girls and boys who were studying and receiving vocational training, this small achievement of your sons and daughters pleased my heart.”

“Today, the people of Afghanistan are dependent on the assistance of other countries as we have kept our children away from education. Learning will help us get rid of our dependence on other countries. Today, our need for foreign engineers and technical assistance in general is due to our neglect towards education in the past.”

“Our children, who are being trained against our national interests outside our soil, have in fact remained away from education and education is the way for a prosperous life in Afghanistan. Today, I met with a five-year old Afghan child who was very good in working with a computer; I hope the children of Zabul will also reach the level of this child.”

“Schools are not burnt anywhere in the world, but we have this happening in Afghanistan. Everywhere I go in Afghanistan, people ask me to build schools, but the enemies of Afghanistan burn our schools. They are afraid of schools being built in Afghanistan because schools bring about engineers, doctors, teachers and diplomats.”

“I urge the Taliban to stop destroying their country at the instruction of foreigners. The foreigners use them, the Taliban, as slaves and encourage them to destroy their country. I urge the Taliban to come and join the peace and reconciliation process and help rebuild their country. The enemies of Afghanistan must understand that their plans to destroy Afghanistan will never succeed.”

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