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President Karzai Presents His New Cabinet to the Parliament
Office of the Spokesman to the President


The list of the Cabinet:

H.E. Hedayat Amin Arsala - Senior Minister
H.E. Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta - Minister of Foreign Affairs
H.E. Stir General Abdul Raheem Wardak - Minister of Defense
H.E. Eng. Zarar Ahmad Muqbal - Minister of Interior
H.E. Dr. Anwar Ul-Huq Ahadi - Minister of Finance
H.E. Mohammad Sarwar Danesh - Minister of Justice
H.E. Mohammad Hanif Atmar - Minister of Education
H.E. Dr. Mohammad Azam Dadfar - Minister of Higher Education
H.E. Ismael Khan - Minister of Water and Energy
H.E. Professor Neyamatullah Shahrani - Minister Hajj
H.E. Dr. Suhrab ali Safari - Minister of Public Works
H.E. Dr. Sayed Makhdoum Raheem - Minister Youth and Culture
H.E. Dr. Sayed Mohammad Ameen Fatemi - Minister of Health
H.E. Obaidullah Ramin - Minister of Agriculture & Irrigation
H.E. Dr. Mir Mohammad Amin Farhang - Minister of Economy
H.E. Eng. Abrahim Adel - Minister of Mines
H.E. Ameerzai Sangeen - Minister of Communication
H.E. Dr. Mohammad Haidar Reza - Minister of Commerce
H.E. Ehsan Zia - Minister of Rehabilitation and Rural Development
H.E. Noor Mohammad Qarqin - Minister of Disabled and Martyrs
H.E. Gul Hussein Ahmadi - Minister of Transport
H.E. Dr. Suraya Raheem Sabarnag - Minister of Women Affairs
H.E. Ustad Akbar Akbar - Minister of Refugees
H.E. Mohammad Kareem Brahawi - Minister of Border Affairs
H.E. Eng. Mohammad Yosouf Pashtun - Minister of Urban Development
H.E. Eng. Habibullah Qaderi - Minister of Counter Narcotics

Members of the Supreme Court:

Sheikh Al Hadees Fazel Hadi Shinwari - Chief Justice and Head of the Supreme court
Mohammad Omar Mohmand - Member of the Supreme Court
Mawlawi Mohammad Qasem - Member of the Supreme Court
Mohammad Qasem Hashemzai - Member of the Supreme Court
Mohammad Hussein Roostayi - Member of the Supreme Court
Shah Ali Azqar Shahrestani - Member of the Supreme Court
Bahaudin Baha - Member of the Supreme Court
Abdul Rasheed Rashed - Member of the Supreme Court
Mohammad Aleem Nasemi - Member of the Supreme Court


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