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Transcript of H.E. President Karzai’s Press Conference Regarding Today’s Terrorist Attack on Former President Sebghatullah Mujaddedi
Office of the Spokesman to the President


Arg, Kabul:

President Karzai: We heard this morning that His Excellency Hazrat Sebghatullah Mujaddedi, the former president of Afghanistan, a great spiritual leader of Afghanistan, a leader of our resistance against the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan, a leader of our resistance against other invasions and interferences in this country was attacked by suicide bombers this morning.

We, the Afghan people are extremely happy and we thank God, many, many times that President Mujaddedi has not been harmed. He is alive and with us, this attack on President Mujaddedi is an attack on Afghans’ independence, attack on President Mujaddedi is an attack against the Afghan voice, he was one of the strongest voices of this country, the attack on President Mojaddedi is attack against peace in Afghanistan.

We are glad that this attack has failed and we are happy that he is still with us. God has been kind to all of us and I am sure that professor Mujaddedi will continue to serve the Afghan nation, our women, our children as ever before and in the strongest terms. I congratulate the Afghan people that this attack has failed and our leader is good and alive and safe with us.

(Question, National Public Radio)

Mr. Mujaddedi is an integral part of the reconciliation process in Afghanistan, in a few days he will be signing an action plan to get the ball going in transitional justice here in Afghanistan and peace and reconciliation is ethical part of that, the symbolic impact of today’s event, how will that affect the reconciliation process.


This will strengthen our resolve in seeking stronger peace in Afghanistan and trying to bring all Afghan people together and to have justice in this country. This will strengthen our resolve, this will make us go stronger and with better speed.

(Question, National Public Radio)

You are not concern that there is an increase in certain attacks in south and the east and attack today is in fact a sign that the country is not ready for this process?


These are not related, those are different, these are attacks by terrorism against Afghanistan, against Afghan elders, Afghan personalities, those who are seeking peace and stability in Afghanistan. These are two different matters.

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