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Statement by H.E Hamid Karzai President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan On the occasion of 13th Anniversary of The Victory of the Afghan people in their Holy Jihad
H.E. President Hamid Karzai


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Peace and Praise be upon Prophet [Mohammad] the Messenger [of God].

Dear fellow countrymen,

Dear guest and President of Tajikistan, Esteemed Emomali Rahmonov,

Esteemed Jihadi leaders,

Esteemed Hazrat Saheb [Sebghatollah Mojaddedi], Esteemed Pir Sahib [Gailani],

Esteemed Professor [Abdorrab Rasul] Sayyaf and those leaders who are absent from this ceremony,

May peace be upon you!

I congratulate you all on the 13th anniversary of the victory of the Afghan people's Jihad. Also, I congratulate the whole nation on the celebration of this jihad victory and our heroic Mojaheddin. Jihad is the great epic of our Muslim and freedom-loving people. They created this epic with their unforgettable commitment and devotion, and recorded it in the history of contemporary Afghanistan. Our Jihad was an uprising against the invasion [of Afghanistan] by the former Soviet Union, international imperialism, and was aimed to defend our religion, homeland and national interests. Thirteen years ago, right on Saur the 8th, the Mojaheddin entered Afghanistan after 14 years of continuous war. This was the beginning of a new chapter in Afghanistan's history. But unfortunately, the enemies of Afghanistan did not tolerate this victory, so the people were unable to benefit from the achievements of this Jihad due to the civil war and enmity caused by foreign intervention.

Dear Compatriots,

Today we celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of the Jihad of Afghan people to glorify the eminent stand of Jihad and the memories of the martyrs of this enormous and memorable event, and we must keep in mind the unpleasant and doleful incidents of the last two decades.

As a result of years of war our people lost their civil freedom; peace, stability, security and enforcement of law diminished; the human rights were trampled; public funds and peoples' properties were looted; our country faced with numerous destructions, afflictions and problems, and finally turned to a haven for the terrorists and enemies of the national and cultural values of the Afghan nation.

During such period of anarchy and distraction, with the assistance of the One Allah, and endeavors and bravery of the Mujahid people of Afghanistan, and unsparing cooperation of the international community, our country was saved from the evil of malice. So, we have to learn from the bitter experience of the past incidents.

Over the past two decades, our nation has been through very painful times. These years were very sad for our nation, and we hope we will not have to face such incidents in the future. We hope that our people will not be forced to emigrate, Afghan children will not be sold at foreign markets and we will not have to face foreign interference. We hope that we will not have to face anarchy. Instead, we want permanent peace, security and stability to be ensured in Afghanistan. To achieve this, we need the international community, especially the U.S.A., which is a country that can play a positive role in this field, to work together with us. We want the U.S.A. to faithfully promise to help us in this respect.

We have launched a number of programmes to carry out this plan. After discussions with the people, we will design a programme and submit it to the Parliament. If we do not do this, the international community will not help us. We will not be able to stand on our own feet and once again the way will be paved for other countries to interfere in our internal affairs. We will once again face anarchy and disorder. This is because the formation of the national army and police requires tremendous patience and takes many years. Until we are able to protect Afghanistan on our own, we will need the help of friendly countries and the international community.

Dear compatriots,

National unity, joint efforts and cooperation are very important for us if we are to reconstruct Afghanistan and improve our economy. We have embarked on various operations in order to reinforce security and implement national unity, law-enforcement, peace, and to ensure people's rights, as well as to provide opportunities for the people to take part in Afghanistan's reconstruction and solve its problems. Esteemed Hazrat Saheb is in charge of this task. We believe that with his guidance and skills, this programme will be carried out successfully. On this holy day, the proud day of Afghanistan's victory, I would like to ask all our fellow countrymen abroad who believe that they will be unsafe in Afghanistan, to return and enjoy living in their homeland, and take part in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. There are no major dangers to threaten them.

To conclude, I once again congratulate the Afghan nation on the 13th anniversary of the victory of our jihad. May God bless the souls of the martyrs of this Jihadi resistance.

I should reiterate that this National Army and Police parade has proved that, God willing, Afghanistan is gradually able to stand on its own feet, and wants to rely on its sons. If this process continues, our dear Afghanistan will be self-sufficient and reliant on its own skills and abilities. We are optimistic and are doing our best. We pray to God to bestow success upon us. May you be happy and prosperous.

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