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President Karzai Returns to Kabul after His Visit to the Province of Baghlan
Office of the Spokesman to the President


Arg, Kabul - H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, returned to Kabul this afternoon after his visit to the province Baghlan where he inaugurated the Pul e Khumri -Shirkhanbandar road.

The Pul e Khumri-Shirkhanbandar road was built with $29,600,000 in funding from the World Bank. The 163- kilometer road linking Baghlan with Kunduz was completed by a Chinese construction firm in April 2006 after months of work. The completion of this road will provide an economic boost for the provinces of Baghlan, Kunduz and other neighboring provinces.

The President visited agricultural sites, spoke to the farmers and gave them assurances that the government will assign a commission to find suitable markets for their products.

The President also visited a school and met with students and encouraged them to continue their education.

During this visit, the President met with community representatives from all the districts of Baghlan province which included women, students, tribal elders, Ulemas and Government officials.

The people of Baghlan asked for the construction of schools, religious schools and health clinics, for the provision of housing for teachers, for the establishment of the faculties of engineering, agriculture, economy and religious subjects and for the extraction of mines.

While addressing a public gathering in Pul e Khumri the President said “Four and a half years ago, Afghanistan embarked on a journey towards reconstruction and peace. The completion of this project is another major step towards reconstruction and this process will continue”

“It will take us years to achieve the progress our people have been hoping for. Our relations with the world have significantly expanded in the past years and our national institutions were established. We will be able to implement some of your proposed projects in the near future, but the other projects are long-term projects which will take time."

The President called upon the people of Baghlan to educate their children to end our country’s dependence on outside expertise.

“With the strong will of the people of Afghanistan, we have succeeded to achieve national unity, but we have not been able to ensure that level of security desired by our people. The enemies of Afghanistan burn our schools and kill our Ulemas. At the present, at least 200,000 children on both sides of the Durrand Line are not able to go to schools because the terrorists have burnt their schools. It’s our top priority to end this situation.”

“We are engaged in discussions with the international community on a daily basis to save Afghanistan and the rest of the world from terrorism and destroy its supporting and funding sources.”

The President thanked the international community for their support to the fight against terrorism and said “I have repeatedly said to the representatives of the international community that all efforts should concentrate on the sources of terrorism where they get financed, trained, recruited and equipped.”

“Security in Afghanistan is in the best interest of our neighbors and we want our neighbors to realize that peace and prosperity in our country is their peace and prosperity.”

The President reiterated that we want friendly relations with our neighbors and Afghanistan poses no danger to them.

Speaking about the police reform, the President rejected rumors about the formation of militia groups and said “We are against the formation of militia groups and all efforts will concentrate on the strengthening of national police and army.”

The President expressed satisfaction at the implementation of DIAG and said “The disarmament of irresponsible people is vital for our country’s security I want the people of Baghlan to cooperate with the DIAG program.”

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