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President Karzai Emphasizes the Significance of Further Coordination of Efforts in the Fight Against Terrorism
Office of the Spokesman to the President


Arg, Kabul -H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, stressed the need for further coordination in the fight against terrorism during a special meeting of Government and international community representatives on security and development issues in the south of Afghanistan at the Gulkhana Palace this morning

The meeting was attended on the Government side by Ministers of National Defence and Interior,

National Security Advisor, Senior Advisor to the President on Economics, Director of NDS and Chief of Staff to the President and on the international community side by Ambassadors of Britain, Canada and the Netherlands, Representative of the Embassy of the United States of America, Commander of ISAF and Commander of the Coalition Forces in Afghanistan.

The President was given a briefing on counter-terrorist operation that is currently underway in the different provinces of Afghanistan.

The President instructed increased coordination with the international forces during the counter-terrorist operations. Specifically, the following were emphasized:

- To enhance the role of tribal structures and community elders in counter-terrorist operations.

- To ensure a safe environment for development projects and support to the communities

- To identify the deeper causes and dynamics of terrorist activities

The President also emphasized the following:

- Military operations by the Coalition forces should be conducted in coordination with the national police and army.

- The local authorities and institutions should be consulted prior to any military operations. The role of tribal elders and chiefs is of vital importance.

- Maximum caution should be exercised during the counter-terrorist operations and every effort should be made to avoid harm to the civilian population.

- Efforts should continue to enhance the capacities of Government institutions, especially the national police and army.

- Besides the tactical campaign against terrorism, attention should be paid to a strategic response of terrorism


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