Ambassador Hakimi hosts celebration in honor of 94th anniversary of the restoration of independence of Afghansitan

Embassy of Afghanistan

Ambassador Hakimi delivers his remarks outlining the progresses of the past twelve years and the challenges and opportunities of the coming months and years.

Embassy of Afghanistan

US Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy delivers his remarks after Ambassador Eklil Hakimi (right).

Embassy of Afghanistan

Ambassador Eklil Hakimi greets USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah upon his arrival.

Embassy of Afghanistan

Ambassador and Mrs. Hakimi stand before a painting depicting the Minaret of Jam.

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September 5, 2013

WASHINGTON—Ambassador Eklil Hakimi welcomed over 200 people to the Embassy to celebrate the 94th anniversary of the restoration of independence of Afghanistan Thursday evening. Amongst an exhibition of traditional, intricate Afghan handicrafts, artwork, and rugs, Ambassador Hakimi and US Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick F. Kennedy delivered remarks to guests who then enjoyed a full buffet of traditional Afghan food.

“Today’s Afghanistan is a reflection of considerable changes in the social, political, economic and security situation. We now have a growing democracy, millions of girls and boys are receiving education; there are more economic opportunities, a better healthcare system, free media, a vibrant civil society and an improved environment for women,” said Ambassador Hakimi. “Our 350,000 trained Afghan National Security Forces have become a source of our pride as they take the lead in securing our nation. We couldn’t have achieved all this without the support we have received from the US.”

The Ambassador went on to say, “Looking beyond 2014, the US and Afghanistan have invested much time and effort in securing a Bilateral Security Agreement, which will set the legal framework for a US presence post-2014. This commitment signals a new depth to our bilateral relationship. Even though Afghanistan still faces many challenges, they should also be seen as opportunities to strengthen its democratic path. As an optimist, I view these challenges as a sign of progress.”

Under Secretary Kennedy echoed Ambassador Hakimi’s message of a never-stronger Afghan-US partnership stating, “The United States is committed to an enduring partnership with the Afghan people as they seek a secure and democratic future… As Afghans stand up and take control of their country’s future, they will not stand alone.”

In addition to Under Secretary Kennedy, USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah, US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Jim Dobbins, and several Ambassadors were in attendance, as well as many other representatives of the US government and expatriate Afghans.

Ambassador Hakimi thanks all of those who celebrated the 94th anniversary of the restoration of independence with the Afghan Embassy and looks forward to another promising year for Afghanistan.