Embassy representatives show support for Afghan art historian Hamid Naweed and his new publication

Embassy of Afghanistan

Minister Faqiri congratulates Mr. Hamid Naweed on the publication of his new book.

Above is the cover of Hamid Naweed's new book.

Photo: Faqiri with Hamid Naweed
Photo: Afghan art book cover

WASHINGTON—Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission Ahmad Zahir Faqiri, attended the August sixth lecture, book signing and reception with renowned Afghan art historian and author Hamid Naweed at the Library of Congress to show their support for this important conversation about Afghanistan’s long and rich cultural heritage.

“Afghanistan’s importance in the development of artistic traditions around the world is little known to the general public and that is why I am happy to support such a learned scholar as Mr. Naweed and robust discussion on the subject,” said Minister Faqiri.

Hamid Naweed’s new two volume book “Afghan Art and Architecture through the Ages” surveys millennia of historical artifacts in Afghanistan constituting one of the most comprehensive publications on the subject to date and many years of work. The event was sponsored by the Near East Section of the African Middle Eastern Division at the Library of Congress with the embassy assisting in its organization and promotion.