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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Afghan Diaspora

How far does the Afghan Diaspora extend in the United States?

The communities range from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, to Queens, New York. A general estimate of the Afghan population in the US is over 300,000.

Where is the largest Diaspora community of Afghans in the United States?

The largest community of Afghans in the United States resides in Fremont, California. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fremont is host to approximately 40,000 Afghans. In fact, due to the abundance of Afghan business along the main boulevard, a section of Fremont has been dubbed “Little Kabul.”

To what extent does the Afghan Diaspora play a role in Afghanistan’s reconstruction efforts?

Members of the Afghan community have become the largest and most valuable resource for reconstruction in Afghanistan. The Afghan Diaspora contains intellectuals and professionals, whose expertise and experience can be applied to development efforts as well as policy making.


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