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Economic, Trade & Investment Department

The Economic, Trade and Investment Department (ETID) of the Embassy promotes economic and private sector development in Afghanistan. The ETID’s main focus is to advocate for policy issues important to the GoA before U.S. Government institutions, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector in the U.S., as well as multilateral institutions located in Washington. ETID officials personally assist hundreds of companies interested in doing business in Afghanistan, meet with Universities interested in establishing ties for economic-related training and capacity building, organize events with think-tanks, link non-profit organizations with Afghan partners, and conduct economic policy discussions with U.S. and foreign governments affiliated with our Embassy.

Furthermore, additional goals of the ETID include: Knowledge and technology transfer to Afghanistan; Promoting infrastructure development; Focusing on sector development, including agriculture, energy, transit, transport, mining, textiles/apparel, artisanal crafts and other key industries; Supporting programs that build Afghanistan’s financial market; Promoting foreign direct investment; Improving trade capacity and business development services; Providing opportunities for women entrepreneurs; Sharing information with private sector on legal and regulatory environment; and Using media and public relations to build a positive image of Afghanistan as a place to invest and do business.

Recent accomplishments include the strengthening of bilateral relations between the U.S. and Afghanistan through the first consultation meeting of the U.S.-Afghan Trade and Investment Framework Council in December 2005 and the first U.S.-Afghan Strategic Partnership meeting in March 2006; Afghanistan’s selection as US Trade and Development Agency’s 2005 Country of the Year; organizing the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency’s first ever U.S. Investment Promotion “Road show” in 2005; participating in the planning of the first U.S.-Afghan Business Matchmaking Conference in 2005 and a series of subsequent Business Dialogue Meetings together with the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce; hosting the U.S. Geological Survey as they presented findings in April 2006 asserting that oil and gas reserves in Afghanistan are significantly higher than previously estimated; and launching Afghanistan Business Gateways, a website where investors and entrepreneurs gain access to a wealth of information on trade, investment and tourism in Afghanistan:

Name Position Email Ext.
Ms. Khaleda Atta Commercial Attaché [email protected] 8029
Mr. Murtaza Bahrami Trade & Investment Officer [email protected] 8013

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