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Cultural Affairs Department

The Cultural Department of the Embassy works in collaboration with all Embassy Departments, while maintaining direct contact with the Directory of Planning and Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Culture and Youth. As President Karzai has explicitly expressed, the rebuilding of Afghanistan’s cultural institutions is a main priority of the Afghan government and people. Strong cultural institutions contribute to the advancement of an open, self-analytical, democratic society. The Cultural Section builds on the long history of cultural relations between the United States and Afghanistan, which extends to the fields of archeology, theatre, music, film industry and tourism.

The U.S.-Afghan community supports numerous Afghan intellectuals, artists, writers, filmmakers. Approximately a dozen Afghan-American cultural organizations and foundations currently operate in the United States. The Cultural Department organizes and/or facilitates museum exhibitions, cultural and archaeological project proposals, and Afghan musical performances and films screenings, as well as regularly advises and collaborates with American cultural agencies to better expose the American public to Afghan culture. The Cultural Department also writes and distributes a Dari and Pashto Newsletter in order to inform the Afghan-American community of Government of Afghansitan and Embassy news and events.











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