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09.16.2010– The Washington Post: Staying the Course in Afghanistan

09.09.2010– The Washington Times: Progress Amid Violence: Quality of Life has Improved for Most People.

09.06.2010 – The New York Times & International Herald Tribune: Afghans Need Americans’ Support

08.05.2010 – The New York Times: Karzai Not Two-Faced about War on Terrorism   

07.18.2010 – New York Daily News: It’s the Afghan Economy, Stupid

07.15.2010 – San Francisco Chronicle: Why Afghanistan is a Worthy Cause

07.05.2010 – EurasiaNet: Minerals Can Secure the Future of Afghanistan     

07.03.2010 – The New York Times: Portrait of War: A View from the Afghan Embassy            

06.30.2010 – The National: Help Afghanistan Help Itself to Mine Mineral Resources    

06.19.2010 – The Washington Post: Is Afghanistan Worth Securing?

06.07.2010 – Diplomatic Courier Magazine: Securing Afghanistan for the Sake of Afghans

06.05.2010 – Boston Globe: Urgency to Stay the Course in Afghanistan

05.20.2010 – The Washington Times: Haidari: Remembering the Fallen in Afghanistan

05-07.2010 – EurasiaNet: Remembering the Sacrifices of the Afghan People

05.06.2010 – New York Times: Afghanistan’s Need for Security-Force Trainers

03.09.2010 – The Washington Times: HAIDARI: A New Chance for Women

03.04.2010 – The Washington Times: Give Karzai a Break

March-April 2010 – Journal of International Peace Operations: South-South Cooperation: How Brazil Can Secure the Future of Afghanistan

03.02.2010 – EurasiaNet: Does Brazil Hold the Key to Afghan Stabilization

02.11.2010 – New York Times: President Gorbachev Got it Wrong

01.28.2010 – International Affairs Forum:  The London Conference: Recommitting to Afghanistan’s Secure Future

Jan-Feb 2010 – Journal of International Peace Operations: Contextualizing the August 20th Elections

December 2009 – Book Chapter in Afghanistan: An Analysis of ‘Whole of Government Approach’:  Governance and Rule of Law in Afghanistan

11.16.2009 - Pajhwork Afghan News: Afghanistan crippled by lack of coordination

11.18.2009 - WashingtonTimes : Democracy in context

10.14.2009 - Washington Times: How to solve the dilemma

10.14.2009 - EurasiaNet : Afghanistan: Rethinking the Af-Pak Strategy

09.24.2009 - Rebuilding Afghanistan: The Role of Provincial Reconstruction Teams

09.14.2009 - Education and Healthcare Key to Afghanistan’s Secure Future

09.10.2009 - International Herald Tribune: Afghanistan at the Brink

09.09.2009 - New York Times: What Lies Ahead on the Afghan Road?

09.07.2009 - Washington Post : Stay the Course in Afghanistan: Assesing Afghanistan's Present and Future

09.01.2009 - JIPO-Beyond the Elections: Key Lessons for International  Peacekeeping  in Afghanistan

07.21.2009 - International Affairs Forum – The 2009 Presidential Elections and Future of Afghanistan

07.21.2009 - International Affairs Forum – Winning the Elusive Peace in Afghanistan

07.21.2009 - Middle East Times – Winning the Elusive Peace in Afghanistan

07.16.2009 - EurasiaNet – Afghanistan: Let's Not Forget about the IDPs

07.13.2009 - Washington Times – The Challenges We Face

07.10.2009 - Asia Chronicle - The Forgotten Plight of IDPs in Afghanistan and the World

05.27.2009 - Baltimore Sun - The Way Forward for Afghan Women

05.14.2009 - Intl. Affairs Forum - Education is the Key to Empowering Afghan Women

04.05.2009 - Washington Times - Correcting Perceptions

03.31.2009 - Middle East Times - Righting the Wrong Perceptions on Afghanistan

03.27.2009 - Intl. Affairs Forum - Securing Afghanistan: The War of Perceptions

03.27.2009 - EurasiaNet - Afghanistan: How to Win the War on Drugs

12.12.2008 - Diplomatic Courier - State-Building vs. Nation-Neglecting in Afghanistan

11.22.2008 - Asia Times - Empty Promises in Afghanistan

10.31.2008 - Public Diplomacy Blog - Challenges and Opportunities for Engagement in Afg.

10.07.2008 - Asia Times - A Way Through the Afghan Labyrinth

09.11.2008 - Middle East Times - Seven Years On, Terrorism Still Threatens Afghanistan

09.11.2008 - EurasiaNet - Afghanistan: Remembering Afghan Refugees

07.21.2008 - New York Times - Securing Afghanistan

07.03.2008 - Middle East Times - Peace Deals That Destabilize Afghanistan

07.01.2008 - The Washington Times - Securing Afghanistan

06.12.2008 - EurasiaNet: Aid Effectiveness Key to Addressing Rebuilding Challenges

06.11.2008 - Middle East Times: Securing Afghanistan's Future in Paris

06.11.2008 - Korea Times: For Afghanistan's Secure Future

06.10.2008 - International Affairs Forum: Paris Conference: An Opportunity to Address Afghanistan’s Key Rebuilding Challenges

04.09.2008 - Pajhwok: NATO's Most Critical Mission

04.09.2008 - The Washington Times: Letter to the Editor: Fixing Afghanistan

04.09.2008 - The Washington Post: Letter to the Editor: Help that Afghans Need Now

04.03.2008 – Diplomatic Traffic: Afghanistan: NATO’s Most Critical Mission

04.01.2008 – EurasiaNet: Afghanistan: More NATO Troops and Trainers Needed

03.31.2008 – NATO needs Marshall Plan to Secure Afghanistan

03.24.2008 - Can Afghanistan lay a new Silk Road?

03.21.2008 - The Baltimore Sun: Afghan mission: NATO's raison d'etre

03.07.2008 – The Washington Times: Equal Human Rights

03.02.2008 – The Culture and Conflict Review: Women’s Gains at Risk in Afghanistan

01.24.2008 - EurasiaNet: Afghanistan: Beyond Security, the Economy is Booming

01.24.2008 - Diplomatic Traffic: Afghanistan: The Silk Road to Opportunities

11.11.2007 - New York Times: Toward Afghan Success

11.06.2007 - International Herald Tribune: Success in Afghanistan

10.27.2007 - CACI Analyst: Women: The Pillars of Afghanistan

08.27.2007 - Baltimore Sun: Help Wean Afghans from Poppy Crop

05.23.2007 - EurasiaNet: Canada Needs to Keep its Troops in Afghanistan

02.06.2007 - San Francisco Chronicle: Nation Building or Nation Neglecting

12.13.2006 - Omaid Weekly: Rebuilding Afghanistan, The Diaspora's Debt of Service

08.07.2006 - Diplomatic Traffic: Time to Re-Commit to Afghanistan's Secure Future

07.21.2006 - Washington Times: Afghan Democracy

07.06.2006 - Washington Diplomat: Continued International Support Key to Afghanistan's Future

10.28.2005 - EurasiaNet: Afghanistan's Parliamentary Election Results Confirm Stunning Gains for Women

10.25.2005 - Diplomatic Traffic: Afghan Women Achieve Stunning Result in National Elections

03.02.2005 - Diplomatic Traffic: Fighting the Narcotics Industry with Human Security

10.01.2004 - The Ashian Magazine: Rebuilding Afghanistan, The Diaspora Role

07.01.2004 - Afghan Magazine: No Security, No Trans-Afghan Pipelines

07.24.2002 – Georgetown University: Strategy Paper for Reconstruction, Commerce, and Trade in Afghanistan: Looking Forward to the Future



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