Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan Ends Successfully

Office of the President

The conference hall in Tokyo was filled with representatives of the international community as they outlined aid for the Transformation Decade.

July 08, 2012 - The Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan officially started on Sunday with opening remarks by President Hamid Karzai and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, in which representatives of 58 countries and 26 international organizations participated from across the world, ended successfully on the evening of that day in the city of Tokyo following the announcement of new pledges of the world community for Afghanistan and issuance of a Joint Declaration.

The strategic vision of the Afghan government for the transformation decade and the funds required for its implementation was endorsed by the participants attending the Tokyo Conference.

Most of the countries in the conference renewed their financial commitments till 2025 whereas all the international donors pledged to provide more than $16 billion dollars in development aid to Afghanistan over the next four years.

The successful conclusion of the Tokyo Conference is a clear message to Afghans that the world community would remain strongly committed to supporting Afghanistan.