The Embassy of Afghanistan welcomes ten high school scholars

Ambassador Hakimi welcomed ten high school students from across America and the world for a tour of the Embassy of Afghanistan on Friday, July 6 as part of Americans for Informed Democracy’s Global Scholarship Program, which promotes global awareness in the United States’ future leaders.

While touring the Embassy, the Global Scholars had the opportunity to speak with the Ambassador. They discussed the recent NATO Summit in Chicago and its meaning for security in Afghanistan; the Kabul Conference focused on regional cooperation; and the most recent Tokyo Conference centered on economic advancement during the Transformation Decade. The Ambassador also outlined the importance and implications of Strategic Partnership Agreement signed between the U.S. and Afghanistan, as well as the way in which cooperation between the two countries has brought monumental progress in respect to public health, infrastructure, and human rights in Afghanistan. Different, little known aspects of Afghan culture were illuminated for the guests to give a more holistic perspective of Afghanistan and the visit was finished with a question and answer session between the Global Scholars and the Ambassador.