President Karzai: Stronger Afghan State will Benefit All

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August 11, 2014

In today’s meeting of the cabinet, President Karzai instructed all the ministries to put every arrangement in place as per the decisions already made to facilitate the handover to the new President and new government.

Addressing the Cabinet, the President said that it was a national duty upon all state institutions to fully support and cooperate with the next President and government.

The President reminded that some foreigners do not wish to see a strong state in Afghanistan and are therefore sowing disunity and insecurity in the country.

The President stressed that history has shown that our people’s strength and power has always been in their unity and solidarity and thus it is the duty and responsibility of every one of us to do everything we can to help our country to continue to stay proud into the future.

President Karzai further added that having a stronger state would mean a stronger and more prosperous country, which would be in the benefit of not only the public but also the government.

The President said, “We should all learn from the hardships and difficult days that our people had gone through during the years of migration and homelessness especially in the neighboring countries. It is therefore a must for all of us to support our new President and government and try to strengthen our unity.”