President Karzai: Strict Measures be Taken to Address the Issue of "Insider Attacks"

This Sunday's regular meeting of the National Security Council chaired by President Karzai specifically focused on the issue of the so called "insider attacks" by people in army/police uniform as well as the need to further the security of the country's natural deposits.

The meeting, participated by senior Afghan government officials and deputy NATO commander in Afghanistan, discussed in length the possible causes and factors behind the "attacks" and ways to stop the trend from getting into Afghan force ranks.

The President stressed that the issue of attacks by individuals in security uniform to target Afghan and foreign troops is of growing concern and must be addressed through prudent and strict measures to avoid any space the enemy can use to achieve its odious goals of hurting Afghanistan's efforts to build a strong force.

Elsewhere on the issue of security for mineral deposits, the meeting decided that as per the needs explained by the Mining Minister, the Ministry of Interior steps up its security of the mines in cooperation with the Mining Ministry.