President Karzai: Afghanistan's Independence, Result of Afghans' Sacrifice and Devotion

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August 19, 2014

The 95th anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence was celebrated today in a formal ceremony at the Ministry of Defense in which President Hamid Karzai and a number of other government and non-government officials and dignitaries including ministers, lawmakers, the presidential candidates, military officers, and foreign diplomats had participated.

To honor the 95th anniversary of Afghanistan independence retaken from the Britain, President Karzai laid a wreath at the Azadi Memorial minaret and prayed for those who fought for the noble cause.

Congratulating the historic day to the Afghan people, President Karzai said, “The restitution of Afghanistan independence is the result of sacrifices and devotions Afghans have paid.”

While accompanied to the press by both the presidential candidates, the President hoped that the elections process be concluded shortly.

President Karzai added: “The Afghans are impatiently looking forward to the result of their elections. The agreement by the candidates should protect the interests of our people and the nation to have a government in which no one feels left out.”

Stressing on the importance of independence, the President said, “Afghanistan independence has been the legacy of our ancestors, and we have protected this legacy.”

“Without any doubt, there are two national factors behind the freedom and dignity of our country, 1) the sacrifice and devotion of this nation, 2) the national unity and solidarity of our people,” added the President.

The President also stated that if we go 200 years back after the first Afghan-Anglo war, every single Afghan family has given a sacrifice for their homeland that has caused the honor and freedom for this land.

Insisting on the national unity, President Karzai urged, “As we have protected our independence and freedom at any cost, once again we all should joint hands in building and developing our country so that this country is not left behind in the global development caravan, but instead join this convoy and even get ahead of it.”

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