President Hamid Karzai Addresses Issues in Second Round of Afghan Election

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June 20, 2014

President Hamid Karzai met at noon today with the National Council of Scholars (Ulema) to discuss problems arising in the second round of the presidential election. The President said that disputes and doubts naturally would arise during the election campaign and there must be a revision of such disputes. The Election Commissions and their relevant departments are tasked with addressing candidates’ concerns according to the prevailing laws of the country.

“We have two respectable candidates in the second round of the election. We have to recognize both because they are leading personalities” he stated.

Mr. Karzai previously met with the UN Representative to discuss Abdullah Abdullah’s proposal to allow the United Nations to assume the role of mediator, and he agreed it was a good option for resolving the election disputes. He welcomed any steps taken toward resolving the election disputes.

The President also suggested that there are other ways to solve disputes, such as through talks between the Vice Presidents of Afghanistan and elders of both teams.

He also stated that both of the aforementioned channels for resolving disputes would be respected and encouraged, and left to the candidates to choose.

Mr. Karzai also gave assurances to the Council that the rest of the election process was going well and that disputes will ultimately reach a just verdict.

Additionally, he discussed new developments in the region, including the ongoing peace process. Referring to Pakistan’s request for Afghanistan to support its military operations against terrorists in North Waziristan, Mr. Karzai assured Pakistan’s Chancellor that he fully supports this action as long as this operation does not harm innocent civilians.

The President of Afghanistan spoke to a Pakistani delegation which came to Kabul regarding this matter, and he conveyed this message them: “Both parties should work jointly to develop a clear road map for action. In this case, a high-ranking Afghan delegation will visit Pakistan soon.”

The President also said that Afghanistan will provide shelter and assistance to civilians in Pakistan who have been injured from war and have migrated to Afghanistan.