President Ghani Meets with Minister of National Defense of People's Republic of China

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November 30, 2014

Mr. Guo Shengkun, Member of Consultative High Council and Public Security Minister of China led a high-level delegation to Kabul and met with President Ghani to discuss issues of regional cooperation and security.

This visit follows President Ghani's state visit to China earlier this month.

Seeking ways to further enhance bilateral economic and trade relations, rebuilding efforts, maintaining peace and security in Afghanistan, were the topics discussed during this meeting that took place in Arg.

The Chinese Public Security Minister talked of the need to turn into action the decisions made between the Afghan and Chinese Presidents during President Ghani’s recent trip to China, and urged that practical steps had to be taken to this end.

Minister Guo Shengkun also held separate meetings with various Afghan officials during his trip to Kabul sharing with them his views on the way to fulfilling the Chinese commitments to Afghanistan.

Thanking China for its cooperation to Afghanistan, the President said, “The two countries will remain friends, and Afghanistan is committed to staying a good partner in establishing peace, stability, and economic growth in China and the region.”