Military Times: Afghanistan ambassador expresses gratitude to U.S. military

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Staff Report

Afghanistan's ambassador to the U.S., Hamdullah Mohib, released the following statement Tuesday:

On this Veteran’s Day, as Americans pause to honor U.S. military members for their sacrifices to protect U.S. freedoms, the Afghan government adds its deep gratitude to the more than 1 million soldiers, sailors and Marines and their families who have given so much to help make Afghanistan free.

Not just today, but every day, we remember the ultimate sacrifice made by 2,326 Americans, and the more than 20,000 U.S. men and women who carry battle wounds from fighting a common enemy in a far-off land. Afghanistan too has lost over 20,000 courageous soldiers and police in the conflict and knows too well the cost of war. We will never forget the sacrifices that have been made.

We also know that saying "thank you" is not enough.

So to the American veterans who served and still serve in Afghanistan: Know that we are honoring your sacrifice by protecting and building on the gains you helped us achieve, which have given our people a better future. You helped bring Afghanistan into the international community of democratic nations, and you helped us advance our society so that Afghans now have free speech and a free press, constitutional protections and a legal system to protect their rights. Thanks to your service alongside the Afghan national security forces, millions of Afghan children, including our girls, now go to school and grow up to attend university, and Afghan women have their strongest voice in decades.

Our national security forces are bravely carrying on the battle for freedom, with the invaluable support of U.S. military members who train, advise and assist the pursuit of our shared mission to never again allow Afghanistan to become a haven for terrorists who threaten our allies and seek to drag us back to the past.

We have much further to go to achieve our goal of becoming a self-sufficient, strong and peaceful nation, but we are determined to get there. When we do, it will be your victory, as well.