Memorial Day Observation

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On the solemn occasion of Memorial Day, the embassy of Afghanistan joins Americans to remember and honor the tremendous sacrifice that men and women in uniform have made to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan and around the world. Afghans and Americans have endured much suffering and sacrifice in their fight for peace and security.

The people and government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan acknowledge and recognize the Americans who continue to serve in Afghanistan for the cause of peace and prosperity despite constant threats from terrorist groups. As a result of their sacrifices, Afghanistan has made remarkable progress in many areas and continues to move forward building on these achievements during our transformation decade. Today, the partnership between Afghanistan and the United States has grown stronger and we will continue to further strengthen this partnership and work together as allies for years to come.

On behalf of the people of Afghanistan, Once again, I would like to extend our appreciation for all Americans who have served and sacrificed much to assist the Afghan people during the past 14 years.

Ramin Manawi
Chargé d'affaires