Embassy Hosts 15 Afghan Diplomats on Department of State Sponsored Training Program

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October 28, 2014

Counselor Samadi welcomed 15 young diplomats from Afghanistan who are in Washington, DC to attend a diplomacy training program sponsored by the United States Department of State. The program is a unique trilateral partnership between the governments of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, United States of America, and People's Republic of China.

Counselor Samadi delivered remarks on behalf of Ambassador Hakimi, and said that this program represents an excellent opportunity to raise the level and professional caliber young Afghan diplomats. He continued to state that the embassy sees the program as an excellent opportunity for trilateral cooperation between Afghanistan, the United States, and China. Both the US and China are interested in the long-term stability well-being of the Afghan nation.

The program gives new Afghan diplomats the opportunity to gain first-hand experience and critical insights into the world of diplomacy and international relations with visits to China and the United States.