Bonn, 10 Years On - An FP Roundtable

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December 3, 2011

Source: Foreign Policy

On December 5, an international conference on Afghanistan will open in Bonn, Germany, 10 years after the first Bonn conference set up the political system that would help govern Afghanistan for the next decade. The AfPak Channel asked a group of experts and practitioners what should have been done at Bonn 10 years ago, what might happen at this conference, and what Afghanistan needs in the future.

-- Peter Bergen and Andrew Lebovich

  • Eklil Hakimi, Building on the past, securing the future
  • Karl F. Inderfurth and Chinmaya R. Gharekhan, No more proxy wars in Afghanistan
  • Omar Samad, The problems and promise of Bonn II
  • Scott Worden, The elephants in the room at Bonn
  • Francesc Vendrell, A decade of mistakes
  • Caroline Wadhams and Brian Katulis, The big loser at Bonn will be Pakistan
  • Barbara J. Stapleton, Afghanistan's bleak horizon
  • Daud Khattak, Calling Pakistan's boycott bluff
  • Khalid Mafton, Much ado about nothing