Announcement by President Hamid Karzai on the Official Launch of Transition Tranche 3

From the Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan:

In the meeting of the National Security Council held on May 13, 2012, President Hamid Karzai made the below decisions following in-depth review of the recommendations and proposals by the Transition Commission, Ministries of Defense, the Interior and the National Security Directorate:

  • The 3rd stage of the Transition shall cover all the provincial capitals throughout Afghanistan;
  • Upon completion of the third phase, a total number of 260 administrative units that account for 75 % of the entire population will have been covered by the Transition Process across Afghanistan. The third phase of the process takes to 11 the number of provinces where security responsibilities will have been transferred in its entirety;
  • This tranche 3 covers 122 new administrative units including those in the centers, making up 25 % of the population of Afghanistan;
  • Within this stage, all the administrative units in the provinces of Uruzgan, Kapisa and Parwan will be entirely covered;
  • It is hereby instructed to the Ministries of Defense, the Interior, National Security Directorate and the IDLG to put in all practical measures to ensure the implementation of tranche 3;
  • Underscoring the principle that security is essential, but not enough for stability and prosperity, all ministries and civil institutions are instructed to take up all actions and prudent measures required for good governance, dynamic economy, justice and rule of law;
  • Stressing on the principle that legitimate use of force, ensuring people’s rights and obligations and further strengthening of national sovereignty and stability are essential, the cabinet is instructed to hold relevant meetings and conduct comprehensive assessments for the purpose of improved governance;
  • While the completion of the full Transition stands a major component to a strengthened national sovereignty, the transition commission is instructed to stay more focused on the assessments and arrangements required for the tranches 4th and 5th, within which the government will exercise focus on the border districts and a consolidated transition across all administrative units in Afghanistan.

The recommendations/proposals have been made following visits to all the 34 provinces by the Chairman of the Transition commission, comprehensive assessments carried out by the ministries of Defense and the Interior, the NDS and the IDLG in cooperation with their respective staff.

The Chairman of the Transition Commission presented the President with the ideas and the opinions of the security sector authorities for further improvement of security system and productivity of management approaches. He also proposed that there was a need for a national stability plan that includes measures for good governance, dynamic economy, justice and rule of law.