Ambassador Hakimi Speaks at Afghan Memorial Vigil

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Ambassador Hakimi speaks at the Afghan Memorial Vigil at the Embassy of Canada in Washington.

Amb. Hakimi admiring the fallen heroes commemorated in the cenotaph.

From Left to Right: General John Allen, Mr. Ahmad Faqiri, Mr. Ashor Azimi, Mrs. Sultana Hakimi, Ambassador Hakimi, Mrs. Nicholson, and The Hon. Nicholson

Photo: Amb. Hakimi Speaking at Canada Vigil
Photo: Amb. Hakimi Speaking at Canada Vigil 2
Photo: Amb. Hakimi admires the Fallen Heroes
Photo: Amb. Hakimi walking to Canada Vigil
Photo: Amb. Hakimi, Mrs. Hakimi, Mr. Faqiri and Gen. Allen

May 23, 2014

Ambassador and Mrs. Sultana Hakimi, along with Embassy Minister Mr. Ahmad Faqiri and First Secretary Mr. Ashor Azimi, attended the Canadian Embassy's Afghanistan Memorial Vigil on Thursday to honor the Canadian and American troops who died in Afghanistan.

Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Denis Stevens was the host for the event and provided introductory remarks, followed by remarks from Ambassador Hakimi, Navy Adm. James A. Winnefeld Jr., Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Lt. Gen Stuart Beale; and The Hon. Rob Nicholson, P.C., Q.C., M.P., Canadian Minister of National Defence.

During the event, Ambassador Hakimi remarked on the success of Afghanistan's presidential elections thus far, thanks to the enormous support of the Canadian and American troops.

"Because of them, Afghanistan was able to lead its own successful first phase of the presidential and provincial council elections this year. The country’s electoral institutions, Afghan security forces, media, and civil society aptly demonstrated that they can take over the job responsibly... our success could not have been made possible without the support provided by our international allies over the last twelve years."

The event concluded with a reception and viewing of the memorial vigil after the families of the fallen heroes had the opportunity to view the vigil privately.