Afghanistan Marks 93rd Independence Anniversary

KABUL-Afghanistan marked its 93rd independence anniversary on Saturday, August 18.

President Hamid Karzai celebrated this National Day by laying a bouquet of flower at the food of the independence minaret to honor those martyred for the noble cause.

The acting Defense Minister accompanied the President to the designated area, where also a large number of both Afghan authorities and foreign diplomatic representatives were present in honor of Afghanistan’s 93 years of regaining its Independence.

The high ranking Afghan officials included the second Vice-president, cabinet ministers and many other government officials.
On this occasion, President Karzai congratulated the people of Afghanistan on the anniversary of their independence day and expressed his best wishes for a lasting peace and prosperity for Afghanistan.
At the end of the ceremony, President Karzai also visited a photo exhibition of the kings, ghazis, Mujahidan and national heroes of the country and recalled their sacrifices that brought honor and pride to Afghanistan.