Afghan Government Response to U.S. Announcement of Troop Levels

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May 28, 2014

Arg. Kabul: The United States government announced that, within a schedule, it will reduce to zero the number of its combat troops in Afghanistan. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomes this decision by the United States.

When the government of Afghanistan first launched the security transition from foreign to Afghan forces, the intent was that the security and protection for Afghanistan be provided by its own forces. The process went ahead as planned and yielded the result.

The end to the US military presence and the takeover by Afghan forces of security responsibilities was a main desire of both the President, the government and of the people of Afghanistan.

The government of Afghanistan is grateful to the international community for its assistance and remains confident that the Afghan forces will, as they did throughout history, protect their people and territorial integrity with courage and valor.

As President Barack Obama made the announcement on the reduction and eventual end to the US military presence in Afghanistan, President Karzai calls on government’s armed opponents to avail of this historic opportunity made possible by the hard efforts of the Afghan government and to put an end to the war that is waged under the excuse of fighting foreign troops presence, and join hands in moving this beloved country forward to peace, prosperity and progress.