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Significant staffing increase at MAIL (Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock)

May 12,2009

File:Afghan agricultural workers in 2009.JPG

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has announced 600 new job vacancies of different levels, in addition to some staffing cut and changes, to kick off the implementation of the new pay and grading system of the Independent civil service commission.

The above mentioned posts were announced through the ICCSAR, private and government Tv and radio stations, and the internet job announcement sites.

“Ministry of agriculture is expanding its structure to cover additional professional and technical work areas, and to meet the objectives of its mission.” Dr. Javid Qaem, MAIL’s acting director of Human Resource and capacity building department said. A new Program Coordination Unit, new Private Sector Investment Support Unit, and a new Deputy Minister’s office for Irrigation affairs, are among the newly added structures.

Dr. Qaem said, many of the newly created posts are designed to attract and employ the new professional afghan youth graduates.

“Change Management” is one the four major pillars of Ministry’s newly developed National Agriculture Development Framework(NADF).

NADF aims at the economical growth of Afghanistan, through speeding up the economic regeneration and creating more in-farm and off farm job opportunities.

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) has been selected as one of the first five ministries of the government for implementing the pilot phase of the new Pay and Grading system.


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