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The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women presents


“When you educate a woman, you educate her children, her village … and eventually the world.”



What is PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS? A business education program for women business owners in Afghanistan and Rwanda. PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS trains women entrepreneurs in war-torn countries in basic business practices, then goes a step further by providing mentorship with American women business owners. Selected students spend 8 weeks In-Country in the classroom. Out of the 30 In-Country students, 15 students will be selected to spend three weeks in the United States learning business basics at an entrepreneurial University, then take what they have learned and transfer it into ‘real’ life through a weeklong mentorship. The program culminates with an International Women’s Economic Summit and a Graduation ceremony.

What are the dates?

In-Country Education Feb. 1 – March 26 (Afghanistan & Rwanda)

Leadership Development June 2010 (United States)

What am I applying for?

In-Country Education; there are 30 seats available.

Fifteen students from each country will be selected by a non-biased Selection Committee for Leadership Development and travel to the United States in June.

What is required? 

You must be an English-speaking, Afghan or Rwandan woman who owns a business.

Where do I apply? (Application instructions and more information is provided)

What is the deadline? January 15, 2010



“Participating to the Program of Peace Through Business in the year 2007 was a starting point to improvement of my business. I am happy to say that my business has improved and expanded tremendously since the year 2007, and I am very grateful for what I have learned from that program and the opportunity you provided for us.”

—Amir Taj Sirat, 2007 graduate. After her training, Amir increased her revenues and number of employees by 400%. She is now planning her campaign to run for Parliament in Afghanistan.

“Here, you just feel that I am human, and I want to do something. I learn too many things from the United States – you know here, the woman is working in a big, big position, they are leaders, they know how to manage an organization, they know how to manage their country, This is a guide for us for how to start your business effectively and how to make your business plan, how to manage your business. I just love this program.” —Asma Ataie, 2009 graduate.

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About IEEW

IEEW is a 501(c)3 non profit empowering women to grow their businesses, pursue greater entrepreneurial ventures, and become more active public policy advocates. We accomplish this mission by focusing on education, mentorship, and coaching women in the United States and abroad who are seeking to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and grow their business.


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