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Libelous Allegations about the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Washington, DC


Dear Friends,


With all due respect your platforms have recently been misused by malicious people in a divisive and criminal manner with libelous accusations against the Embassy, the Ambassador, and his family, with the publication of false and misleading photographs, comments and captions meant to undermine the embassy and our national unity.

While these slanderous and libelous false accusations, which go against both Afghan
and Islamic Law, are being investigated by law enforcement authorities, we request that

you remove these pages as soon as possible.


The fact is that the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States of America is running one of the most active and successful embassies in Washington purely for the benefit of the Afghan people, as regularly reported by major Afghan and international websites, newspapers, and radio and television networks, all of them a click away.



  1. There has been no celebration or party of any kind here at the embassy during Ramadan. In fact, Ambassador Jawad was on an official visit to South America
    from the first to the 7th days of Ramadan (August 1st through August 17th).  Ambassador Jawad was interviewed several times in both countries and his interviews from Brazil were broadcasted live.
  2. The accusation of the consumption of alcohol at Embassy of Afghanistan is patently false.  Thousands of Afghans residing in or visiting the US who have attended events here can attest to the fact that all gatherings and celebrations
    at the Embassy of Afghanistan are planned and executed employing Islamic and Afghan national ethics and customs.
  3. In the Embassy of Afghanistan under this ambassador there has never been any celebration or party that goes against either Afghan or International diplomatic norms. Last year over 700 Afghans were present as Independence Day was celebrated at the Embassy in an atmosphere of peace and national unity far from any hint of violation of Afghan National or Islamic ethics.  Some Afghan artists
    and celebrities who voluntarily attended last year’s Independence Day Celebration are not present in the US this year. 

Our fellow Afghans, we are all now aware of an ongoing smear campaign against Afghan national unity and against honest and successful people serving our people and country with dignity and respect.

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the United States of America


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