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                  International Conference on Afghanistan Kabul, 20 July 2010

Important Documents:

1- Agenda, Kabul Conference 20 July 2010 - Dari & Pashto
2- Agenda, Kabul Conference 20 July 2010 - English
3- Dari Communique - Kabul International Conference on Afghanistan - 20 July 2010
4- English Communique - Kabul International Conference on Afghanistan - 20 July 2010
5- Kabul Conference Communique
6- Pashto Communique - Kabul International Conference on Afghanistan - 20 July 2010
7- Kabul Conference List of Participants
8- Welcome Note for KC Participants - English, Dari, Pashto
9- ANDS PIP Vol 1 - English
10- ANDS PIP Vol 2 - English


1- Islamic Republic of Afghanistan( H.E.Hamed Karzi)
2- Secretry –General Of UN ( H.E.Ban ki-moon)
3- United States of America ( H.E. Hillary Rodham Clinton)
4- Republic of INDIA
5- Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN
6- Kingdom of Denmark
7- Republic of Indonesia
8- People's Republic of China
9- Republic of Hungary
10- Republic of Korea
11- Kingdom of Netherlands
12- Japan
13- Republic of Bulgaria
14- Hellenic Republic
15- Republic of Tajikistan
16- Portuguese Republic
17- H. H. Prince Amyn Aga Khan
18- Turkmenistan
19- Republic of Austria
20- United Kingdom
21- Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
22- Republic of Turkey
23- Czech Republic
24- Republic of Armenia
25- OSCE
26- European Union

On July 20, 2010, the Government of Afghanistan will bring together representatives of more than 70 partner countries, international and regional organizations and financial institutions to deliberate and endorse an Afghan Government-led plan for improved development, governance, and stability.

The International Conference on Afghanistan, the first of its kind in Kabul, will mark the culmination of several months of intensive study and rigorous policy debate on Government priorities implemented through national programs, to deliver on the key goals of economic growth and job creation.

Building on commitments made at the recent international London Conference, the conference aims to support a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan.

It will be opened by H.E. President Hamid Karzai, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and co-chaired by Foreign Minister Rassoul and UN Special Representative Staffan de Mistura.


Nine years since the start of its renewed partnership with the international community, Afghanistan stands at a critical turning point in its efforts to achieve lasting peace, security, and stability. Last January, Afghanistan and its international partners gathered in London to reaffirm their commitment to achieving lasting peace, stability and prosperity in the country. Specifically, the Afghan government and its international partners agreed on the need for a reinvigorated and prioritized Afghanistan National Development Strategy, affording special attention to the key areas of security, economic development, governance, regional cooperation, and reconciliation and reintegration. A better prioritized and more implementable ANDS will contribute to:

• More effective utilization of international assistance thorough better alignment of international aid with government priorities and the channeling of increased assistance through the Afghan national budget;

• Strengthened capabilities, with the assistance of International Community, within the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and the gradual transfer of responsibilities leading to ANSF-led operations;

• Enhanced efforts for strengthening regional cooperation with a view to increased collaboration among neighboring countries in support of a secure, stable and prosperous Afghanistan;

• Enhanced “Afghan-led” reconciliation and reintegration efforts, to build confidence and to consolidate peace and security throughout the country;

• Combating corruption and strengthening governance to ensure an effective, transparent and accountable civil-service at the national and sub-national levels.

The International Conference on Afghanistan marks a new phase in Afghanistan’s engagement with the international community. A key goal of the conference is to mobilize international confidence and resources for a new generation of “bankable” national programs, in accordance with the Afghanistan National Development Strategy and President Karzai’s inaugural speech of November 2009.


For the first time the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, together with the United Nations, will welcome our international partners to Kabul. We intend to present, in clear terms, what is needed to deliver effective services in the short and medium-term to all Afghan citizens across the entire country.

We have set out our priorities after working with groups of Ministries and developing programs in consultation with civil society and private sector partners, which will help us achieve economic growth, job creation and stability. We look forward to hosting our guests from different Governments, international organisations and the media and helping them to understand the hopes and aspirations of the Afghan people. A new ear of stability and prosperity will require national priority programs able to address the acute needs of our population.

The conference will demonstrate support for the way the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) has established these programs in key Ministries involved with Agriculture and Rural Development, Human Resource Development, and Economic Infrastructure Development. Proposals will be made to also improve Government responsiveness to the people and the transitioned security responsibilities to the Afghan Institutions.

With its tremendous resources in terms of its people, minerals, water and agriculture, Afghanistan is poised to enter a period of great hope. International investment in developing these resources will lead to many benefits in the lives of ordinary Afghans. This International Conference is all about how to enable greater Afghan involvement in the country’s development, governance and security and how this will make a positive impact across the entire country.


Venue: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Date: July 20, 2010 Participants: Over 70 partner countries, international and regional organizations and financial institutions Conference Agenda: To be provided at a later date.

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