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Ambassador Jawad's Farewell Message

August 31, 2010


Dear Friend,


With deep appreciation for your friendship and support, I would like to inform you that my tenure as the Ambassador of I.R. of Afghanistan is ending on September 22, 2010. Serving seven years to strengthen the bond of friendship between our two nations has been a tremendous honor and a most rewarding experience.


Shortly after 9/11, I returned to my home country to assist our government and international partners. It has been a historic journey and I have enjoyed every mile of this trip.

Since returning to Washington as ambassador on December 3, 2003, I have had the privilege of working effectively with my colleagues to make the Embassy of Afghanistan in the U.S. the most successful Afghan mission abroad and one of the most responsive embassies in Washington, D.C., in spite of our limited resources. In addition to working with leaders and lawmakers, serving the vibrant Afghan community, and maintaining a high profile in the international media, our embassy has managed over 180 high-profile and prolific presidential, ministerial, and parliamentary visits. We also led the way in establishing diplomatic relations with Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico.

It was an honor, as Ambassador, to travel to most U.S. states, from Alaska to Hawaii, to meet with the families of U.S. service men and women in order to convey our deep gratitude for their sacrifices and to help our American friends learn more about my beautiful country. We secured the generous financial and moral support of the private sector, civil society, foundations, and universities, to address our national priorities, build human capital and promote investment in Afghanistan. Our hopes are still high and I am committed to continuing to contribute to Afghanistan’s future in my private capacity as well as through the newly formed Foundation for Afghanistan, so Afghans can realize their full potential for building a pluralistic and prosperous society.


My sincere gratitude goes to our friends in the U.S. Administration and in Congress, as well as the media and academia. I am particularly grateful for the support of the Afghan community in the U.S.A., especially the professional and emerging young leaders who have been an integral part of our embassy’s efforts, as well as my small but very dedicated staff and volunteers. We have been blessed to be the face and voice of the new Afghanistan in America. We would not have accomplished our shared objectives without you.  Moving forward, our journey for building a bright and peaceful future will continue, and our paths may cross again. We would love to stay in touch, and will notify you soon of our new address in Washington, D.C.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at:




     Said T. Jawad

     PO Box 53342

     Washington, DC 20009

     [email protected]

     Phone: 202-468-6111


With best wishes, I remain,


Ambassador Said T. Jawad


For more information, please contact Mr. Abduljalil Ghafoory , Media and Public Relation Officer at [email protected] or (202) 292-4285.


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