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Ambassador Jawad represents Afghanistan in Brazil

In January, Ambassador Said Jawad headed to Central America.  As the non-resident ambassador to Mexico, Columbia, Argentina and Brazil, Jawad spoke to the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) to discuss the deployment of Brazilian technicians to help increase the cultivation of grapes, wheat, pomegranates and apricots.

Cultivating support from countries, like Brazil, which express interest in assisting Afghanistan, but aren’t necessarily able, or interested in sending military troops, is important.  “There are a large number of young people who join the Taliban because they promise paradise and pay them well. To get them, we need to provide employment. And for that we need to develop our agriculture," said Jawad.  The ambassador explained that support from Brazil is vital because of the government’s ability to help Afghanistan develop truly sustainable farming ventures.

During his visit, the Afghan ambassador also met with officials from the Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports (APEX) and asked for help to expand the sale of Afghans beyond neighboring countries, with the hopes of increasing the country’s ability for trade. 

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