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Date: March 15, 2010


Afghan and US Leaders Urge for Continued Strategic Partnership


Arg. Kabul: President Hamid Karzai spoke with President Obama for over an hour on Monday evening via video teleconference on a wide range of issues of bilateral importance.


President Karzai underscored the importance of the need to provide help and assistance to the families of the war victims and those who suffered in the suicide bombings and asked for the US assistance, which President Obama agreed in principle and emphasized that those who suffered as result of war need to be assisted.


Both the leaders discussed potentials for enhancing cooperation and reaffirmed mutual resolve for continued strategic partnership.


The other topic of discussion was the strengthening of governance both in national and sub-national level for which both sides agreed on further cooperation.


On regional issues, President Karzai echoed the concern of the Afghan people who don’t want to see their country turn into a battle filed for proxy wars between other countries, on which both the leaders agreed.


President Obama reaffirmed the US long term commitment for a prosperous and stable Afghanistan.


During the video call, President Karzai briefed the US President on Afghanistan’s efforts for acceleration of the peace and reconciliation process, which President Obama welcomed and declared support. Both President Karzai and President Obama urged that Afghan government and its international partners should follow a unified single approach for the process to succeed.


Both sides agreed on steps and measures for the follow-up on the commitments made in the London Conference in different areas including security, governance, peace and reconciliation, corruption, transparent elections and regional cooperation.


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