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New Poll Shows Hopes and Concerns of Afghans

Afghans are hopeful about the future, according to an opinion poll conducted in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. The poll, commissioned by the BBC, ABC News, and ARD (Germany), showed that more than half of Afghans surveyed believe things in Afghanistan today are moving in the right direction. Security and economic concerns topped the list of perceived challenges still facing the country.

Of the 1,377 people surveyed, 70% claimed good or very good overall living conditions, and nearly as many said they felt their level of security was good or very good. 75% said the Taliban and drug trafficking pose the biggest threat to security in Afghanistan, with most of the concern for this found in the more volatile southern areas of the country. Respondents in the relatively peaceful north generally showed a stronger sense of satisfaction with their situations. When asked what they felt should be the most important priorities for Afghanistan, people most frequently chose security from violence and the creation of jobs and economic opportunity.

Many people identified a desire for improvements to general infrastructure, including electricity and the availability of clean water. Two-thirds said they have seen effective reconstruction efforts, and most people said they had good and safe freedom of movement. The poll also showed strong support and good overall conditions for women’s rights.

A large majority of respondents support the mission and presence of US and NATO military forces; 75% are happy about the US-led toppling of the Taliban and continued efforts to provide security. Many support the continued presence of coalition forces in Afghanistan, saying they believe troops should stay at least until security is restored.

83% of those polled oppose the presence of foreign fighters, and 92% oppose Taliban fighters, blaming those groups for the majority of violence in Afghanistan. Only 1% of respondents claimed strong support for the Taliban. Three-fourths did not believe attacks on US and coalition forces were justified, and virtually all said attacks against Afghan security forces and government officials were not justified.

Support for President Karzai remains above 60%. 84% of respondents said they would prefer the current government over any other option. 76% said they expected their situation to be at least as good or better by this time next year, and more than half said they expect their children to have a better life.

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