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Electrification Succeeds in Zabul and Khowst

Two massive electrification projects led by NATO and USAID will be fully operational by the end of November. The first of the two projects is a USAID-built plant that has just opened its doors in Qalat, the provincial capitol of Zabul province. The plant is designed to provide power to 4,320 homes and businesses in the city and its surrounding areas. An additional 2 megawatts of generation capacity will be added at a later date for a total of 3.7 MW for Qalat. Around 300 residents are expected to be employed in the forthcoming expansion.

Meanwhile, in Khowst province, a project to provide lighting along an important commercial road is being wrapped up by an American Provincial Reconstruction Team. The road is seen as being critical to the area’s economy, and the lighting will also improve security. The year-long project has installed solar panels to power the lights that are operated by motion-sensors. The efforts are part of a larger and ongoing NATO effort to rebuild Afghanistan’s infrastructure.

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