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Talent Content Announced for Afghan Businesswomen

The Business Council for Peace (Bpeace) announced on December 5 a nationwide Afghanistan talent competition in search of Afghan businesswomen in non-traditional industries to participate in on-the-job training in U.S.  “The Bpeace Apprentice Road Trip” will give Afghan businesswomen the opportunity to gain practical experience in the U.S. in their chosen industries.  Bpeace will bring 12 Afghan women entrepreneurs to the US in 2008 for three-week internships and apprenticeships with different firms.

The Bpeace Apprentice Road Trip to the U.S. will be the highlight of a Bpeace three-year program commencing in April 2007 where successful American businesspeople will train, mentor and provide access to financing for Afghan entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.

 “Afghan women can assume a greater role in emerging industries that will help Afghanistan rebuild and become less reliant on imports. The courage of Afghan women is remarkable,” said Chair of the Bpeace Governing Board Toni Maloney.

Bpeace has more than 200 Bpeace volunteer business people who apply their expertise, time and resources to help women in war-torn regions build sustainable businesses. Bpeace members—all volunteers— believe that entrepreneurship creates a foundation for creating hope and stability.  Bpeace has men and women business members throughout 23 states in the US, and in Canada, UK, Austria and Australia.

Click here for the full press release including information for American businesses and guidelines for nominations

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