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Survey: Afghan Citizens Support Coalition Forces and See Improvements to Their Lives

Most Afghans feel more prosperous today than under the ousted Taliban regime and overwhelmingly trust Afghanistan’s police and army. These were the finding of a comprehensive Asia Foundation survey released on November 9. "The findings of the survey challenge some common perceptions about what is out there," said the foundation's George Varughese, who led the survey. The Asia Foundation claims the survey, conducted in all but two of the country's 34 provinces, was the largest ever comprehensive opinion poll conducted in Afghanistan. Some 6,226 people aged 18 years and over were interviewed between June and August.

While security remained the most important concern to Afghans living in a number of restive southern provinces, Afghan citizens were more concerned with seeing the benefits of economic improvements. Despite the efforts of terrorists to intimidate the populace, 44 percent of more than 6,000 adults surveyed nationwide felt the country is headed in the right direction. 90 percent of those surveyed said they trusted the U.S.-trained Afghan National Army and 86 percent trusted the police.

Only 26 percent of those surveyed felt less prosperous today than they did five years ago and 12 percent reported no change.


Photo by Ariana Delawari

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