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Embassy Reaction to the US Midterm Congressional Elections

In an interview with the Voice of America Dari TV on November 7, First Secretary Ashraf Haidari was asked how the results of the US midterm Congressional elections in favor of the Democratic Party would impact the US engagement in Afghanistan. In reply, Haidari thanked both Republican and Democratic members of the US Congress for their strong support of the role the US government has played in rebuilding and stabilizing Afghanistan over the past five years. “Afghanistan’s reconstruction has received strong bi-partisan support from beginning, and we are certain that that bi-partisan support will continue beyond today’s elections whoever turns out to be the winner,” Haidari said.

Asked about the expectations of the Afghan people from the post-elections US Congress, Haidari demanded continuity of the US engagement in Afghanistan until the people of Afghanistan were able to stand on their own feet and defend their country against terrorists. Pointing out success in Afghanistan as a matter of US national security, he added: “Abandoned once before, Afghanistan became a safe sanctuary for Al-Qaeda terrorists that used our country to destabilize regional and international security. Thus, we hope the US and the rest of the international community will be with us for the long haul as we continue rebuilding Afghanistan.” Haidari welcomed Senator John Kerry’s resolution, which he introduced last month in the US Senate that called for a doubling of US assistance to Afghanistan.

Asked about the Embassy’s relations with the US Congress, Haidari said the Embassy had maintained regular and good relations with both Republican and Democratic members in the Congress. “We regularly meet members of Congress to discuss the needs and challenges of rebuilding Afghanistan and to advocate for increased funding for our rebuilding projects of priority. We particularly meet with them before and after their visits to Afghanistan to ensure coordination of efforts across our two governments’ institutions and the funding needs of Afghanistan’s reconstruction,” Haidari added.

The interview in Dari can be viewed in the following link:

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