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Afghanistan’s Diaspora Crucial to Successful Reconstruction

Political Counselor M. Ashraf Haidari discussed the role of Afghan-Americans in helping rebuild their homeland in an interview with the Los Angeles-based Khorasan TV last month. He outlined different ways that Afghan immigrants have contributed to Afghanistan’s reconstruction, and encouraged younger Afghan-American professionals to continue the noble work being done to support Afghanistan’s nascent institutions and civil society. “Looking back at my own background as an Afghan who spent my best youth years under destructive conflicts that deprived me and others of any hope or opportunity for a better future, please allow me to remind you of so many opportunities before you in this country, which you should utilize in order to carry out your obligations first and foremost towards your families, then towards Afghanistan, and then towards the world at large,” Haidari said.

Haidari stressed the importance of gaining higher education for self-empowerment and for making a difference in the future of Afghanistan. He encouraged young Afghan-Americans to establish professional associations and use them to mobilize local Afghan immigrant communities to support Afghanistan. “Your parents helped save your future by bringing you to this country. It is now your turn to give back to your family and to give back to Afghanistan,” Haidari appealed. “Your Embassy in Washington D.C. is here to help you with any initiatives that you feel would benefit Afghanistan.”

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