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President Karzai’s Message

Embassy Hosts Author Rosanne Klass

The Embassy held a reception for American author Rosanne Klass on October 23 in celebration of the re-release of her classic book Land of the High Flags. Guests were treated to a traditional Afghan feast, and had the opportunity to ask Ms. Klass questions about her life and hear her many colorful stories during an intimate dinner.

Land of the High Flags is memoir detailing the author’s experiences as the first woman to teach at a boy’s school in Afghanistan. Her observations of cultural differences, her travels through the diverse regions of the country and her description of the hospitality, kindness, and curiosity of the Afghans that she befriended assured Land of the High Flags a place in the hearts of many readers throughout the years.

After the publication of her book, Ms. Klass continued to support Afghanistan. She testified before the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate-House Task Force on Afghanistan; she spoke about Afghanistan at academic conferences; she organized exhibitions of Afghan art in New York; and she wrote articles for the New York Times, the National Review and other magazines that exposed the atrocities of the Soviet invasion. Ms. Klass served as the Executive Vice President of the Afghanistan Relief Committee and the Director of the Afghanistan Information Center at Freedom House.

Ambassador Said T. Jawad welcomed Ms. Klass to the Embassy, which she had visited some three decades prior. “Robert Frost famously described the ‘road less traveled’ in his poetry. Rosanne Klass wanted to go to Paris. She ended up in Afghanistan. Had she fulfilled her original wishes, she would be no different from the thousands of Americans who can tell stories about their visit to Notre Dame and St. Germain. Luckily, she chose the road less traveled, and her unique experience as an American woman teaching in Afghanistan in the 1950s has inspired countless others to discover the Afghanistan that exists beyond the headlines. She has truly been a bridge between our two countries,” said the Ambassador.

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