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The Center for American Progress Hosts Ambassador Jawad

On October 5, Ambassador Jawad addressed an audience of policymakers at the Center For American Progress in Washington, DC. The Ambassador’s speech was preceded by remarks from Sen. Tom Daschle, who spoke on the need for the international community to remain committed to the mission in Afghanistan. The Ambassador praised the Senator’s work on the behalf of the Afghan people and the continued bipartisan support for winning the peace in Afghanistan. The Ambassador’s remarks addressed institutional support for extremism outside of Afghanistan’s borders, the current security situation and the problem of narcotics.

The Ambassador stressed the need for adequate resources to increase the Afghan government’s ability to deliver services, quoting a recent  RAND Corporation study that estimated international aid to Afghanistan totaling $57 per person, compared against $679 per person for the Bosnian reconstruction and $206 per person in Iraq. “Despite our challenges, we are determined to rebuild Afghanistan,” said the Ambassador.  “The media reports on terrorist activity, but they often overlook the beautiful sight of Afghan girls with their black and white uniforms attending school under a tree in a small village.”





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